Why does Donald Trump mention personal names

"Crooked Hillary" and "Little Rocket Man" : Nicknames are Trump's meanest rhetorical weapon

How is the fox? Smart. How's the witch Angry. In fairy tales and fables, characters are often given an adjective that describes their character. Both form a unit. If the figure appears without the adjective that is essential for it, it is added by the listener. Master Petz, the bear, is associatively always good-natured and friendly. Isegrim, the wolf, is devious and devoured.

The technique of adding adjectives or terms to names that are pulled together after frequent use is therefore not new. But it was driven to perfection by the US President, Donald Trump. Nicknames are his meanest, yet most effective rhetorical weapon.

Already in the 2016 presidential election campaign he used them against internal party rivals such as Ted Cruz ("Lying Ted"), Marco Rubio ("Little Marco") or Jeb Bush ("Low Energy Jeb"), but above all against his democratic rival Hillary Clinton ( "Crooked Hillary", deceitful Hillary).

At "Wikipedia" there is a list of nicknames that Trump has given so far. It has well over 200 entries and ranges from "Cheatin’ Obama "to" Little Rocket Man "(Kim Jong Un) to" Clinton News Network "(for CNN).

He also used ammunition against the three Democratic presidential candidates who are currently leading in polls. Joe Biden is either "Sleepy Joe" or "1 Percent Biden" (because of its poor performance in the 2008 Democratic primary campaign); Bernie Sanders is "Crazy Bernie" or "The Nutty Professor"; He calls Elizabeth Warren "Pocahontas" or "The Indian" because many years ago she referred to an alleged Indian origin in an application.

The terms can be of "indelible duration"

The perfidious effect of such terms results from their emotional power. “Hillary is a cheat” - this can be discussed, “deceitful Hillary” - that doesn't allow for a debate, the question of right or wrong doesn't even arise.

It is also crucial that a person was defined - better: defamed - before they defined themselves for the public. Then the trap snaps shut.

The nicknames specifically used by Trump can be "devastating" for the person concerned, of "indelible duration" and "destroy their political ambitions".

This is the result of an analysis of Trump's rhetoric in the “Columbia Journalism Review” two years ago. All attempts by Trump's opponents to stick a term to him have so far failed.

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