How do I choose a copper bracelet

A proven active ingredient and material

Copper is probably one of the oldest precious metals known to mankind and, as can be seen from ancient writings and documents, the ancient Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Persians and Aztecs already knew the benefits of copper and knew how to use its positive properties.

To this day, the home remedy that has been used for generations has lost none of its popularity. On the contrary, the tried and tested copper has established itself as an excellent trend material not only because of its reliability, durability and excellent conductivity, but also because of its antimicrobial properties in a number of areas. Copper has excellent electrical and thermal conductivity. The indispensable semi-precious metal and is used today in a wide variety of application areas, such as the auto industry, electrical and communication technology, medicine and many more. Copper is harmless to health and practically 100% recyclable.



Copper is a trace element that is jointly responsible for numerous functions in the human body. Trace elements are minerals which occur in small amounts in the human organism and which are dependent on the supply from outside. An absence can lead to deficiency symptoms. Offal, fish, shellfish and legumes are rich in copper. Foods containing copper strengthen the immune system, support the supply of oxygen to the body, improve energy production, but the skin also benefits.
Like all processes, those in the body should run smoothly.

Worn directly on the skin, the pure copper in the Sabona of London bracelet diffuses through the skin in tiny amounts. The slight green color that occurs when the copper reacts with sweat on the skin is easy to wash off and is harmless.


Sizes / wrist circumference:

Measure your exact wrist circumference where you will wear the brace. The copper brace should be in constant skin contact if possible. The braces can be adjusted to fit the wrist.

S = wrist circumference ~ 14.5 - 16.5 cm
M = wrist circumference ~ 16.5 - 18.0 cm
L = wrist circumference ~ 18.0 - 19.5 cm
xL = wrist circumference ~ 19.5 - 21.0 cm
xxL = wrist circumference ~ 21.0 - 22.5 cm

Reduce / enlarge the copper bracelet
We recommend putting the bracelet on your wrist or using your hands to warm it up beforehand
- Zoom out: by applying constant moderate pressure on both ends until it sits
- Enlarging: pull both ends apart with a constant, evenly fine pressure to enlarge the opening

Important information / contraindication:

SABONA OF LONDON copper bracelets can be worn without interruption, including in the bathroom or shower.
Please do not wear the bracelet in a swimming pool (chlorine), in sea water (salt) or expose it to intense heat.

- Copper jewelry is not suitable for people with Wilson disease.

Further information: see legal notice