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With more than 3.5 million visits per month and over 150,000 "fans" in social networks, is one of the leading online job exchanges in Germany. users are extremely attractive to employers: More than 50 percent are in the age group between 18 and 34 years. At least 53 percent have a high school diploma and around 40 percent have a university degree.

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Use our job search and enter your dream job. Alternatively, we offer the option of searching through our areas of activity such as IT, craft or health. Hundreds of job advertisements go online with us every day.

We have vacancies for numerous recognized professions - from the classic apprenticeship to freelance professions to professions that can be learned through studies or special further training. The list is constantly growing - a consequence of globalization and rapid technological changes in the last few decades.

Whether metal industry, pharmaceutical company or automotive industry - whether corporate group or medium-sized and smaller companies - with us you will find interesting job offers in all industries and regions. When choosing an industry, it is advisable to find out about possible earning opportunities and usual salaries beforehand. And in our magazine you can get tips on the subject of applications.

Also find out which type of employment is right for you. With the appropriate industry search terms and work models, but also specific professions, you will find the job that suits you in the region where you want to live and the industry that suits you!

Part-time or full-time jobs

We have a wide range of full-time positions, most of which are 40 hours. They serve to secure a livelihood with only one job and are therefore the best choice for many. You receive a monthly net salary and everything relating to social security, taxes and health insurance contributions is regulated for employees, as the employer pays these directly to the relevant offices.

Our range of part-time positions is also growing steadily. Part-time models are good for people with children, but they can also be a good chance to make a living for yourself. Part-time you have the opportunity to try out self-employment on the side. So you initially have a secure income and have health and social insurance, but you can use half of your working hours to generate your own jobs and gradually become your own boss. Of course, this must always be discussed with the employer.

Jobs for freelancers

Freelancers are increasingly being used in some industries