Why are you wearing jeans

I'm blue denim from head to toe

The denim all-over look combines jeans with jeans. But not just like that. But with a fashionable skill that does not allow the jeans trend to appear overloaded. Tips for the perfect denim look.

We love the denim all-over look. Why? Because jeans are simply a fashionable evergreen - exgüsi, everblue - that can be styled in more diverse ways than almost any other material. Whether casual in everyday life or classy for the evening; the denim trend allows everything. Especially when you know how to combine all-over jeans correctly.

Denim all-over: basic rule for the jeans trend

If you want to wear jeans with jeans, you have to make a decision: Either you combine the denim all-over look so that you wear two absolutely identical jeans colors and washes. Or you look for two extra contrasting jeans variants. For example a lightly washed denim jacket with dark denim trousers. Several items of clothing that are very similar in color and washing, but are not exactly identical, do not go together so well for the denim all-over look. The jeans trend then does not seem expressive, but as if involuntarily combined.

Jeans all-over: what to wear with it?

In principle, any number of pieces of jeans can be combined with each other with the denim all-over look. So if you are already wearing trousers and a blouse made from the trend fabric, you can still throw on a denim jacket. If that is too much for you, simply go for it: whether a white shirt under the denim jacket or an oversized checked coat over the denim overalls; whatever pleases is allowed. Jeans are extremely adaptable!

Accessories for the denim trend

When choosing accessories for the denim all-over look, whatever you like is allowed. Either you go “all in” and also rely on bags, sneakers or boots made of denim material or you can style simple accessories, preferably monochrome and in neutral tones, for the total blue look.

Casual or chic: both are possible

If you want to wear the denim all-over look at an elegant event, you can add an elegant touch to the outfit by choosing muted colors. Especially dark, but also very light jeans tones make the look look classy. How about, for example, a white denim skirt, a light silk blouse and a white denim jacket and rose-gold jewelry? The same applies to dark denim: In combination with noble materials such as silk or satin, dark denim can be seen at every noble party. And what about casual? This is of course also not a problem with the denim look. Light washes have a relaxed effect on their own. If you add a few destroyed statements about the look, you can hardly take it any more casual: The denim all-over look is always and everywhere - we love it for a reason!

Cover picture: Force Majeure / Unsplash

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