What kind of bra should girls wear?

Hard to believe! Every second woman has problems finding the right bra size, every third woman is the wrong size! In addition to the type of bra, a perfect fit is the most important thing in a bra. The size of the bra is usually indicated with a number and a letter, e.g. 75 B. The number indicates the size of the upper chest and thus the cup size of the bra. The letter denotes the size of the underbust, so to speak the width of the bra. We not only tell you how to find the perfect bra for you, but also show you the most beautiful bra models for every taste and cup. You can also find out which bra goes with which top and which bra is an absolute no-go for certain clothes! In addition, on Mädchen.de there are of course all the facts about the bosom. By the way, bra is short for brassiere.

Calculate bra size

In order to find the perfectly fitting bra with the right size, you should seek advice in the store or find out more here: We will show you how to calculate your correct bra size.

Wear a bra: Do's and Dont's

Too big or too small? Pushed up or nipple alarm? Which bra to lace? We'll show you what looks good with a bra and what doesn't work at all. Wear a bra: Do's and Dont's

The most beautiful bras

Fantastic lingerie - from sweet to sexy - we show you in the large underwear gallery.

Bra types

A Underwire bra is reinforced with brackets made of wire or plastic, which are sewn into the cups and give extra support. So these are particularly helpful with large bust sizes. Padded bras shape your bosom. The Push up bra pushes your chest up. If you don’t wear a neckline but a shirt, you’ll make yourself T-shirt bra better, because it won't show under your clothes. If you wear a sleeveless shirt with straps converging at the neck, a triangle bra is perfect. A Balconette bra is specially cut: the straps are further to the side and the cups are so-called Three-quarter cups. Special ones are best for a dirndl Dirndl braswho particularly push. There are special ones for sport Sports bras mostly made of breathable fabric and with crossed straps on the back for maximum support when moving. A Minimizer optically reduces the breasts by one or two cup sizes. Extra-wide straps ensure a high level of comfort, the shoulders and back are relieved.