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When you hear a word in German, think about how to put it on Say korean would.
When you hear a word in English, think about how you would say it in Korean.
JK: Okay, I won't turn it on anymore Say korean'Cause I don't think I can do it without bursting into tears.
JK: Okay, I'm not going to make it any longer in Korean because I don't think I can make it without tearing up.

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Can you personally tell the difference between one korean say, Japanese, and Chinese?
Can you personally tell the difference between a Korean, Japanese, and Chinese person?
Sources from the korean Royal house saythat almost no body was recovered from the ferry.
Korean Royal Family sources say almost no bodies were recovered from the ferry.
The IODO association took its name from a Far Eastern (korean) legend: Iodo is a fictional island that cannot be found with a compass, that only exists on a certain level of consciousness:
The association IODO has taken its name from the Far Eastern (Korean) sagas: IODO is a fictitious island, which cannot be found with the compass, but exists at a particular level of consciousness.
Say let's have one korean Community done a small favor.
Let's just say I was doing a little Korean community service.
What else say The Republic of Korea, partly called South Korea, is located in East Asia and occupies the southern part of the Korean Peninsula a.
What Others say South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea (abbreviated ROK), is a sovereign state in East Asia, constituting the southern part of the Korean Peninsula.
I legend You that I'm harder than any mine korean Friends lived in Korea.
I. tell you that I lived harder than any of my Korean friends in Korea.
And before you get it say, yes, I'm only on that korean Girl attracted.
And before you say it, yes, I am only attracted to Korean girls.
Maybe it's not an exaggeration too sayThat is a new strategy that attracts youkers for korean Travel industry is needed.
Perhaps, it's not an exaggeration to say that a new strategy to attract youkers is required for Korean travel industry.
The Expert Shin: I would saythat the Panmunjom Declaration is the fundamental direction for lasting peace on the korean Peninsula pretends.
Let's hear again from Mr. Shin. I'd say that the Panmunjom Declaration presented a basic direction for establishing sustainable peace on the Korean Peninsula.
The korean Shipyards calmly turn their dumping - me legend not against the whole of the European Union, but against the whole world - and I don't see any solutions.
The Korean shipbuilders are quite happy to carry out dumping - not only with regard to the European Union, but also the whole world - and I cannot see any solution to it.
Unfortunately, you can't get a surprise hit saysince the film is sent to the korean Box office flopped, but that just goes to show how little the majority of moviegoers appreciate good films.
Unfortunately, you can't call it a surprise hit as the movie flopped at the korean box office, which once more proves how little the majority of moviegoers knows how to appreciate a good film.
Holiness, would you like to introduce us say? Speak first, and then we'll give the word to him korean Colleagues.
Holiness, would you like to tell us anything beforehand? You may speak first and then we will allow our Korean colleague to speak.
To avoid any misunderstanding, especially what the title of this structure is in Korean As for language, let me be clear saythat I am not thinking of founding a political party.
To avoid any possible misunderstanding, particularly regarding the title of this structure as rendered in the Korean language, let me state clearly that I am not proposing to create a political party.
Regardless of what I actually do say want is that I try my Korean to improve.
So, anyway, what I really wanted to say is that, I've been working on my Korean.
I can you saythat the rigid structure and the competitive nature of the korean School system is also called "pressure cooker". Not everyone can thrive in such an environment.
Well, I can tell you that, in the rigid structure and highly competitive nature of the Korean school system, also known as pressure cooker, not everyone can do well in that environment.
Left and right the film shares criticism of the korean Society based on a ... you almost like fable say.
The movie dishes out criticism on Korean society left and right and it does so in the shape of a ... you could almost call it fable.
It's easier when I do Korean read, but orally when someone is speaking Korean fast (like at my church), it becomes very difficult to determine what they are saybecause I first have to process the context and then what sounds to use it.
It's easier when I read Korean, but orally, when someone is speaking Korean fast (like at my church), it becomes very hard to determine what they are saying because first I have to process the context and then what sounds they are using.
Say we that a man who has not been redeemed has been sitting in a hut in front of a wall for 10 years and meditating like Sungchol the great korean Monk.
Let's say that a man who has not been redeemed sat in a hut for 10 years, facing a wall and meditating like Sungchol, the late great Korean monk.
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