What does Donald Trump think of Korea

Five to eight / Donald Trump and North Korea: Trump's first foreign policy crisis is brewing

"The Korean knot will not be undone with a tweet."

I can see the envy of what Trump was able to achieve in his mind with a few tweets.

And I recognize from this the silent admission that the author has no idea how to get on with the strength policy that South Korea was pursuing against North Korea from 2008 onwards.

That's the nice thing about democracies, the hard-edge politicians can easily come to power with pithy campaign slogans, they can also turn the hard-edge into politics when they are in power, but then the long end of the hard-edge when they are in power -Politics looms and everyone is at a loss, the politicians have long been out of responsibility. In this case Lee Myung-bak, who was in the government in South Korea from 2008 to 2013

When US newspapers are bitterly thinking about more friendly words towards North Korea, a great diplomatic victory for Kim Jong-us is imminent.

I do not believe that our politician-media establishment will draw any positive lesson from this and admit to itself that confrontational politics can only be successful for one side if that side is progressively ready for ever further escalations.

Just as our quality politicians / media always try to justify to their own population that "the military solution is ruled out", they just make a laughingstock.