What makes a window energy efficient

Windows and energy efficiency

Although - or precisely because you look through them every day and usually use them just as often, most people only perceive windows subconsciously. As before, however, most of the heat is usually lost through them. Leaky or outdated windows can ruin even the most sophisticated energy concept in a house. Conversely, this means: Windows offer huge savings potential if you deliberately examine them for weak points and replace outdated models with more modern ones.

Even more money can be saved if replacement or renovation measures are not planned separately but in conjunction with the entire building fabric. Sanier.de shows you how you can reliably check with simple means whether your windows are still tight. We also present the features you should pay attention to when purchasing new glasses and windows, and the connections between the heating and the windows. We also asked the managing director of the Windows and Facades Association for assessments and advice on the subject of energy efficiency. Have fun while reading!

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Window insulation and energy efficiency

Windows as part of the energy concept

Windows - an indispensable part of the energy concept The energy efficiency of a house has become enormously important in the past decades. One reason for this is the limited availability of fossil raw materials such as oil, whose extraction in the long term requires more and more effort and ...

Windows and energy efficiency expert interview

Potential of energy-efficient windows - and what the facade has to do with it Manufacturers of energy-efficient windows usually promise great savings potential for their products. In reality, however, a large number of other factors play an important role in the decision whether ...

Inefficient windows

Adviser: How to track down inefficient windows Some windows can already be seen from their brittle frames or damaged panes that their tightness is not far off. Often, however, the loss of heat is gradual, a cold draft ...

Window seal

Not very tight? With modern windows, the framework conditions must also be right. Insulating and heat protection windows often contain noble gases between the individual panes of glass, which are less heat-conductive than air and therefore insulate better. The gases should also be used in old-age windows ...

Windows and heating

Windows and heating Why are the windows in houses almost always above the heating? A legitimate question that is asked a lot. In the past, there were several reasons for choosing this location, which are no longer all ...

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