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Action Bronson is a jack of all trades. In addition to his rap career, he somehow finds the time for a family life, appearances in "The King Of Staten Island" and "The Irishman", his food show "Fuck, That’s Delicious" and daily painting. When I want to interview him, he is on vacation, more precisely: in the car. I hear the radio, his wife, his newborn child. - It takes a total of four Zoom meetings in six days to have this conversation. In order to be able to enjoy Action Bronson's voice for a longer period of time, one should simply listen to his new album »Only For Dolphins«, which will be released on September 25th. appears. Then he cemented his status as a multi-layered and above all happy MC who is at the zenith of his life and wants to stay there a little longer. He produces some beats himself, others come from longtime friends like The Alchemist or Harry Fraud. By the way, the name of the album was already mentioned in 2018 on the track »Mt. Etna «because the artist thinks long term. We talk about his love for Marcus Aurelius, his love for travel and his love for life. And about which animal Mr. Bronson would like to be reborn as.

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Are you on vacation right now?
Action Bronson: Yeah, I had to get out of town. I'm on my way to swim in a lake.

I've seen you surfing ... have you seen some dolphins yet?
I often see dolphins when I go to the beach. Only a few days ago again!

How has your year been so far
The year was strange but good. A good year. Every day that I live is good.

You went shopping for your mom during the lockdown, right? Do you think these times can bring us closer together?
I've shopped for everyone who needed it! I don't know whether these times are good for us. They can also divide us.

The year was tough for everyone, but you still seem optimistic - How do you manage to stay positive?
Nothing could ever stop me from loving my life. If this bullshit is making you no longer love your life, then you never really loved it. I have a burning desire to live inside of me.

On "Sergio" you rap: "Feeling good is the only thing I know": Who can you thank for that?
It's really the only thing I know. I am solely responsible for that. And the stars.

I think the track »C12H16C2« fits your zodiac sign very well. Do you think you are a typical Sagittarius?
Yes, I am a free spirit. I have an urge for more and more. I have ants in my bum, I have to keep moving. Always running.

“Anyone who wants to understand me has to be made of something special. At least mentally. "(Action Bronson)

Why is Marcus Aurelius important to you?
He was a great general and philosopher. The time he responded to the Romans was a time of abundance and bliss. In the film "Gladiator" Maximus only serves the only true ruler, Marcus Aurelius. That's when I realized what a great man he must have been. I've read his works and have been spreading his messages ever since. I even painted Marcus Aurelius!

You rap: "If I had a watch, I would throw that shit in a river." Does planning ruin your freedom?
Yeah, besides, material things suck. They're fun, but they just suck.

Is it difficult for the industry to work with you?
No, I am very simple. I'm always on time, my time is very valuable to me. That is why a lot has to be planned very precisely. Everything has to happen in time so that I can get back to my life.

You are a singer, dancer, olive oil tester, actor and much more. Does your life ever get tiring?
No! There is always something new to discover. There is always something new to learn, to enjoy ... I find everything interesting.

Your new album is called »Only For Dolphins«. Do you think the average listener understands you?
Anyone who wants to understand me has to be cut from a special cloth. At least mentally. Lots of people are just too lazy too. They don't try to understand me.

The connection breaks off. Six days later I am again attending a Zoom meeting. Action Bronson joins in, sits in his car, and drives home. The vacation is over, the seriousness of life begins all over again.

On "Latin Grammys" you rap: "Your boy been immortalized". What's behind it?
With everything I have achieved, I have made myself immortal. I leave a great legacy. People will remember me.

One can understand that also spiritually. You say about your girlfriend on Instagram that it took millions of lives for you to meet in this one.
I believe in rebirth. I know that I've always been in this world. Maybe I was an animal, maybe an important historical figure.

What do you want to be born again as?
As the largest crocodile in the Zambezi. I can hardly imagine a better life.

On "Splash" you rap about the scent of your mother's kitchen. Was eating together important in your childhood?
I come from an Albanian household, a large family. My grandmother cooked, and when the meal was ready, the whole family came together. When she called, we ate, no contradictions. People sat everywhere! At the table, on the sofa, on the floor. I would like to pass this on to my children. Cook together, eat together. It's a beautiful ritual.

If you could only eat the kitchen of one country for the rest of your life, which one would it be?
Right now I'm completely stuck on Turkish food. But every kitchen is so diverse that I could choose anything. But right now I would say: Turkish.

When I hear your album I think of Mediterranean beaches. What is your favorite place in the region?
Southern France, Southern Spain. There is one place on the Adriatic that I particularly love: Pag in Croatia. Beautiful beaches, beautiful old architecture - and a landscape like lunar craters. You should go there. Go for a swim, grab a sea urchin and eat it right away.

Like a beaver.
I love beavers, I love otters, and capybaras too. Large rodents are so majestic and creative, and friendly too. The builders of nature. They can even be kept as pets.

«It's important to have a home, a place where you feel safe. The music is part of it. «(Action Bronson)

"Latin Grammys" is based on a sample from a New York soul song. Does that make you feel at home?
I grew up in New York, in Queens. Soul and funk from New York are extremely important to me, you can hear the character of the city in the details. I love it. This music has accompanied me all my life. It's important to have a home, a place where you feel safe. The music is part of that.

Do you still collect your samples yourself?
Most of it. I have around 300 samples lying around. I could produce an entire album myself. I love minimalist beats, I don't even need drums. Just give me a loop. I like to go overboard, but I can do that myself, on a lyrical level.

When you travel, do you look for records to sample?
Alchemist taught me how to dig. He's been my DJ and one of my best friends for 15 years. When I take it with me on my travels, it often disappears into record stores for hours. So I asked him if he would take me with him. He showed me what to look for. There is a sample of a Turkish record on the album, which is worth $ 15,000. I have the only one in the entire United States! I also search the internet, but you have a deeper connection to the records that you find yourself.

Have you even been able to travel this year?
I couldn't do anything this year. Not even before lockdown. It's really been a crazy year, but we have to live our lives. I had two tours planned that I was really looking forward to. There are also pop-up shops for the album, ice cream tastings. Everything is now being postponed. When things settle down, we're fucking ready.

Do you take off-days on tour to explore the cities?
I need a lot of time and rest on tour anyway. I rap a lot in my shows, it affects the vocal cords. I don't play half-baked concerts, I want people to have a really good time. That's why I always have a lot of time on tour to explore the world. I hope I can play concerts in East Asia and South America soon. - I want to discover new parts of the world for myself!

Green Vinyl LP | Black Vinyl LP | Black Vinyl LPYou also have a special relationship with the Splash! Festival, right?
I love the Splash !. I had an extremely good time there. A few years ago I was already booked and then couldn't perform because I wasn't given my passport. I wasn't allowed to enter. In 2018 I was booked again and injured my knee shortly before the tour, I couldn't fly. It was as thick as a balloon! After that, I never wanted to miss anything again. In 2019 I was really happy, finally at the Splash! to play.

When did you start painting?
When I had that knee injury. I couldn't do anything else, so I started painting every single day. I still do that today. I also wrote the album cover. In retrospect, it may have been important to finally have a break. If you're always busy, you don't realize what a blessing it is to delve into something completely new.

Again the connection breaks off.

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