Is Dragon Ball Z Kakarot worth buying

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot - tested (PS4)

It's finally here! Dragon Ball Z Kakarot raised high hopes among fans in advance: a role-playing game in the dragon ball universe that was supposed to capture all the charm of the series. In the end, however, it does not go beyond the category “good licensed game”.

You replay all four "Z" stories 1: 1. This time you will not only go through the fights of the popular anime, you will also experience the quiet moments in many cutscenes set to music - either in English or Japanese. While series fans are constantly looking forward to nostalgic moments, those who are not series fans are particularly annoyed by the tight role-playing corset. Your character progress is linked to the development of the characters within the template. In general, many RPG mechanics seem artificial and have little influence on the course of the game. In the course of the story, the game cheerfully switches the heroes and in the first half you unfortunately rarely get the chance to explore the world on your own.

It is also a shame that the open world is relatively empty and has been divided into hub worlds. That interrupts the fun flying time and again with long pauses in loading and scratches the otherwise authentic atmosphere.

The on are fun at the beginning Xenoverse ajar fights. In the blink of an eye, you skin and block and teleport behind your opponent to stomp them into the ground or give them a kamehameha at close range. The brawls against standard opponents will seldom challenge you later. In return, the well-staged bosses bring variety to everyday beating and require you to react to their special attacks. Thanks to autofocus, the camera manages to keep an eye on the action at all times, with the exception of a few dropouts. Nice: The action runs smoothly except for autosave stutters. Unpleasant: Sometimes the English sound lacks lip-synchronicity.