Will Jon Snow have sex with Daenerys

We've ranked sex in Game of Thrones based on the likelihood of orgasm

When Viserys tells her about the feats of his dragon-riding ancestors, she is - especially for game of Thrones Relationships - downright ecstatic. However, this is not granted to her for a particularly long time. Shortly afterwards the mood changes and Viserys makes it clear whose lust is the only thing that counts here: his.

4. Cersei and Jaime Lannister in the Tower (Season 1, Episode 1)
Fundamental: I don't approve of incest. Especially not if it results in minors - or anyone at all - being knocked down a tower and unable to walk for the rest of their lives. What you actually have to say is that Cersei is one of the few female characters in the series who seems to have something like a (mostly) self-determined sexuality. Maybe it's the thrill of being discovered, but: The future ruler of the seven kingdoms clearly has fun in this scene. At least until Bran Stark shows up at the window.

3.Ygritte and Jon Snow in a grotto (season 3, episode 5)
I know I'm not making friends with it now, but: I've never understood the hype surrounding Jon Snow. I don't think it's hot either. What you have to admit to him, however, is that he is constantly striving in spite of clearly stated ignorance - even when it comes to oral sex. The first (and also last) openly intimate scene between the Winterfell bastard and Ygritte is one of the few sexual encounters in game of Throneswhich takes place at eye level and is apparently so satisfying that even the wildling warrior has no words. What do we learn from this: In a world full of Ramsays, be a Jon.

2. Several prostitutes and Podrick in King's Landing (Season 3, Episode 3)
I was once in the car with someone who told me that he regularly goes to the brothel but never has to pay anything there because he is so good in bed. That was obviously a lie, but a few years later it is exactly the same game of Thrones happens. Several women are said to make Tyrion Lannister's (and later Brienne von Tarth's) loyal assistant happy. Its defloration is then so satisfactory for all parties that it does not have to pay in retrospect. We just have to believe them for this ranking list, because nothing is shown to us in concrete terms.

That actually disqualifies this scene from the list, because it's the only scene in which a man must have satisfied women so much that they don't even want to be paid for their services, let's make an exception. By the way, if Podrick no longer feels like being a squire, he could take off as a medieval porn actor. Whoever is called "Podrick Payne" doesn't even have to come up with a stage name anymore.

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1. Myranda and Ramsay Bolton in bed (Season 4, Episode 6)
It is important to share a hobby with your partner. Painting, badminton, chasing women with a pack of dogs and archers through a forest - the main thing is to find something that is fun for both of them. In the north of Westeros there is perhaps no one who goes better together than Myranda and Ramsay Bolton, whose sadism also erupts sexually. While Yara Greyjoy tries her battered brother Theon To free Reek from Winterfell, the daughter of the farm's dog breeder, sitting on Ramsay, screams towards what comes closest to a female orgasm in this show. Including a little choking. Sexy.

Now, of course, we can wonder how bleak the world of game of Thrones in fact, the sex scene that seems most satisfying from a woman's point of view involves perhaps the most disgusting antagonist to date. On the other hand: winter is coming. And if a woman does it for once - good for her.

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