What are the Worst Travel Hacks

Travelhacks: These 8 tips make packing easier

When packing your suitcase for your vacation, do you sometimes ask yourself: How is all of this supposed to get in there? Everything packed up, we can finally start - but as soon as you have arrived and open your luggage, the graffiti is waiting for you. The contents are not only full of shower gel or shampoo, jewelry is often missing and the make-up has also left its mark.

But don't panic, the travel reporter has a few tricks for you to avoid the stress of suitcases:

1. Contact lens case instead of make-up bottle

Your toiletry bag won't close at all, and now you have to put the make-up bottle in too? You don't use them all up on vacation anyway. Just grab a contact lens case and fill it up with makeup. Practical: The containers are not only space-saving, but also leak-tight. The “Crafty Panda” trick of course also works with toothpaste and other liquids or creams.

2. Buttons as earring holders

You know it too: Earrings like to fly around in your pocket from time to time, and after your vacation there is usually only one left. With this gadget that everyone in the household has on hand, it's super easy to hold earrings together as a pair: Just take a button and clip the earrings into the holes. The buttons fit perfectly in the toiletry bag and the earrings stay together as a pair. A great tip from “5-Minute Crafts Girly”.

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3. Knot-free cables

The cell phone must of course also be charged when traveling, as well as the camera and laptop. The charging cables are quickly knotted in the case and a cable break follows, annoying! "Ixigo" has a simple trick to prevent tangled cables: Grab a glasses case, loosely roll up the cables and place them in the case. Your cables are stowed away so well and safely.

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4. Spices in the straw

Backpackers know it all too well - not only do you have to pack a lot of weatherproof clothing in your backpack, you also have to think about cooking around the campfire or in the hostel. The backpack is already heavy and full, so where should you put your spices? The trick of "BLhacks" is very simple: you can put salt and pepper in straws - the drinking straws are light, thin and fit into every smallest gap in your backpack.

And this is how it works: flatten the straw at the end and melt it with a lighter. Pour in the spice on the other side and also melt this side, done! The tube can be closed again and again and can even be placed in the cosmetic bag.

5. Cotton pad into the powder

Powder or rouge break quickly after a trip and make a real mess if you open them! My personal tip is extremely easy and can prevent that: You simply take a cotton pad, place it on the powder surface and close it again. To be on the safe side, you can seal the powder with a strip of scotch tape.

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6. Stow away hair clips

Your hair clips and hair ties are flying around in the cosmetic bag and cannot be found after the second day? No problem with the idea of ​​"Troom Troom": You probably know a Tictac fan who gives you his empty box. Simply fill the box with the hairpins and elastic and stow it in your make-up bag. Alternatively, you can stow your utensils in a matchbox, depending on what you already have at home.

7. Roll the clothes for more space

Would you rather have more sweaters and just pants? The suitcase is so big and yet so small when you're packing for the trip. But you don't have to make a decision. Because with my trick, a lot more fits in the suitcase than you think. Not only does wrinkling last a long time, it also takes up a lot of space.

The trick: roll your clothes! You take your parts, fold them up in the middle and roll them up - so you can use every space in your luggage and at the same time save time when packing.

8. The "suitcase wrap"

Handing in your suitcase at check-in makes you sweat at the thought of the rough baggage handlers? In what condition will you get your luggage back in? Will the zipper hold this time? But you can easily protect your suitcase:

Cling film is not only a real travel hack against leaking shampoo bottles, but also a great case protection. The foil is simply wrapped around the case. Two to three shifts should keep your luggage from the worst. A great travel hack from "Travel Light".