What happened to Jar Jar Binks

Star Wars: 4 reasons Jar Jar Binks will be back!


Star Wars fans often don't have a good word for Jar Jar Binks. Still, Jar Jar's return is now more likely than ever. Netzwelt reveals why there could be a reunion with the Gungan booby!

The fansite 'Making Star Wars' claims to have found out that the first animation tests are already running to allow Jar Jar Binks to appear in the upcoming Star Wars series "Kenobi". This message may sound unlikely and catastrophic at first, but it could actually happen. Netzwelt presents you with four good reasons for Jar Jar Bink's return!

  1. Reason 1: Making amends for Episode I.
  2. Reason 2: Jar Jar is alive!
  3. Reason 3: Jar Jar already works for Disney +
  4. Reason 4: Everyone loves innuendo

Reason 1: Making amends for Episode I.

Jar Jar Binks quickly drew the hatred of fans in "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace", who saw no place in the Star Wars universe for the mostly silly and annoying character. Although Jar Jar was created before Disney took over the Star Wars franchise, one could now try to make the unpopular character more personable after the fact. During "Kenobi", Jar Jar will be older and will have seen the Sith fall of the Jedi. His appearance is therefore likely to be more serious. That fits in with the report that Obi-Wan and Jar Jar are nostalgic about the past.

Reason 2: Jar Jar is alive!

Fans have often wished Jar Jar dead over the years, but Jar Jar is actually very much alive. You know that because he appears in the Star Wars book series "Nachspiel", which takes place after the events of "Return of the Jedi". So not only does Jar Jar survive Obi-Wan, he could even appear in "The Mandalorian".

Reason 3: Jar Jar already works for Disney +

After Episode I, things went quiet around Jar Jar Binks actor Ahmed Best. Many fans extended their hatred of Jar Jar Binks to Best and so the negativity drove him into depression. Still, Best has always stayed true to the Star Wars universe and will soon host the game show "Jedi Temple Challenge" on Disney +. As a result, Jar Jar should soon be on everyone's lips again, a return of Best's most famous figure is therefore an obvious one.

Reason 4: Everyone loves innuendo

Maybe not the best, but one possible reason for Jar Jar's return: Disney likes to take every opportunity to recreate characters from past Star Wars stories. A simple trick to get popular with fans and get people talking about the new movie or series on social media. And everyone would write about Jar Jar!

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"Kenobi" showrunner Deborah Chow has proven at least in "The Mandalorian" that she can handle Star Wars characters to the satisfaction of fans. A possible appearance by Jar Jar should not scare fans. So far none of this has been officially confirmed!

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