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The organic shirt shop in Vienna
Good since 2008

Accessibility :(

Unfortunately, the shop is not barrier-free, so I would have to completely tear down the old shop portal. Access is via an 11 cm high step and is around 65 cm wide at the narrowest point. I'm happy to help with access - just knock on the window or call and I'll come out!

Paying / Payment

You can pay with me in cash, with a debit card (EC card), Quick, Master & Visacard and JCB.

You can pay with EC, Visa and Mastercard and their secure versions and JCB, we also offer DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion) if you prefere to pay in your own currency.

The store

In the shop you can choose a suitable shirt and try it on or have a piece of clothing you brought with you printed. Of course, you can also realize your own ideas or get support for creating your artwork directly in the store.

You will find a selection of high-quality, ecological, fair and sustainable branded textiles and many printing inks with which you can print on T-shirts or fabric bags - as a single item or in small series. Here is information about the graphic format for this printing technique.

For larger editions, from around 30 pieces, I offer screen printing, with which more complex motifs can be implemented in multiple colors and printed with the original company colors (e.g. according to Pantone color specifications). More information about textile printing with foils and screen printing here ...

Assistance with the creation of graphics, advice on the implementation of artistic work or the vectorization of images and now and then sitting in front of the shop and chatting over a beer.

With me you can basically do a lot of things that you can cut out of foils with a cutting plotter.


It all started in 2008 when I discovered an 18m² shop in the seemingly deserted Glockengasse at number 8A and immediately fell in love. For years he has perished his shabby existence in the dark with the scrollbars down and waited for me :-)

The display was covered with many layers of formica, chipboard and wallpaper that were `` modern '' in the past. The interior was not exactly covered with carpet tiles and the walls were kept in dark brown tones.

The old GuterStoff store where it all began

Layer by layer, I freed the shop of its oppressive dress and gave it back its simple but amiable outfit from the time it was created. Incidentally, with extremely careful use of resources and only 4 car trips for disposal and material procurement. Most of the trips and errands were done on foot, by bike, or by public transport.

At the end of 2012, the former men's model tailor GEORG moved out of the shop opposite at number 9 and I was able to rent the shop. With 36m² a doubling of my previous space.

Renovation of the new store

This shop was also "lovingly" designed in the 80s with black chipboard furniture and dark brown carpets. Here one had to intervene more radically and therefore it initially looked like this when the sanctification work began:

First comes the chaos

Under the painting of the ceiling we discovered an ornament that we uncovered and preserved as well as possible.

The exposed and preserved ceiling ornament in the GuterStoff shop in Glockengasse 9

As a reference to the old Georg shop, I recreated the gold-plated sign above the entrance with the old ornamentation and font.

Glockengasse 9 new GuterStoff portal with a replica of the old gold plating behind the glass with ornamentation

The Glockengasse

In 1998 Wolfgang Freitag wrote an interesting article about Glockengasse, which also mentions Vilma Neuwirth, whose book Glockengasse 29 was published 10 years later by Milena Verlag - both are very readable!