How are research jobs

Research project jobs - current vacancies for "Research & Development"

The Research & Development area includes numerous job vacancies that offer you the opportunity to become part of research projects. Whether at universities, in public institutes or in the private sector: As an employee in development, you are entrusted with exciting tasks such as the conception of new products or components. As an engineer, physicist, chemist or biologist, you can look out for exciting new jobs here - maybe your dream position will be there.

Research work: work in research and development

Jobs in research or development are almost all very interesting because they consist of creative processes and progress is visible. There are also advanced training courses or specializations for these job profiles if the employee wants to increase his or her salary or change thematically.

Research projects: opportunities for advancement in apprenticeships

Anyone who earns an average of 2,917 euros as a chemical laboratory technician can consider completing the advanced training and examination to become an industrial foreman chemistry. According to the tariff collection of the Bavarian State Ministry, an industrial foreman can expect a gross salary of 3,159 to 3,868 euros.

This path is also open to chemical and pharmaceutical clerks to get jobs in research. But you can also train to become an industrial foreman in pharmacy; the pay is the same as that of the foreman chemical industry. There is also the option of training to become a state-certified chemical technician in order to work on research projects. One of these monitors and controls production processes, guides employees, works out control procedures, advises customers and can provide training. The earnings here for employees in the public sector are between 2,761 and 3,401 euros. Anyone who is unsatisfied as a pharmaceutical-technical assistant with a collectively agreed salary of 2,111 to 2,400 gross monthly can also complete master training courses or train to become a technical specialist. According to the tariff collection of the Bavarian State Ministry, this person earns between 2,932 and 3,181 euros gross per month.

Research Jobs: After Graduating

Research and development engineers with a master’s degree can expect an average annual gross salary of 55,000 euros. Those who prefer to set and review the standards as a quality engineer for new projects can take appropriate further training. The earning potential in such a research project is similar to that of a research and development engineer. In research and development, for example, there are job vacancies in the Baden-Württemberg, Hesse and Saarland job exchanges, as well as in other scientific regions.

From research to teaching

Those who have completed the master’s degree in their degree program may find that they prefer to do subject-related research at the university rather than in business and also want to share their knowledge. The Berlin job exchange offers good career prospects here. In this case, he can do a doctorate in his field and work as a lecturer for a few hours a week at the university. If you want to make this work your main and prefer teaching to research, you should apply for a habilitation. He can then apply for a professorship, which is paid on average with an annual gross salary of around 69,000 euros. Honorary professorships are also awarded; these are similar to the teaching assignments for lecturers. Honorary professors only work part-time at the university and otherwise continue to work in their research or development profession.

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