Why is FGM an intersectional problem


Kritische Justiz analyzes the law and its implementation in view of the prevailing social background and breaches the conventional approach to legal questions by detaching it from its economic and political context. The journal contains articles, reports, commentaries and documentations on all important juridical fields and publishes crucial judicial decisions on social matters.

Critical Justice addresses lawyers, law students, legal scholars, social scientists, unionists, social workers, teachers, economists, and environmental scientists.

Website: www.kj.nomos.de


Critical Justice analyzes the law and its practical application against its social background and breaks through the usual treatment of legal questions that is detached from its economic and political context.

The magazine publishes essays, reports, comments and documentation on all important legal areas and prints important decisions for social disputes.

Critical Justice is aimed at lawyers, law students, trainee lawyers, lawyers and social scientists, trade unionists, social workers, educators, economists and environmental scientists.

Homepage: www.kj.nomos.de