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Bargain hunting in Dubai: Our shopping tips

What should you buy in Dubai? Gold, spices and clothes!

Before you go on a shopping tour to Dubai, you should consider one thing: Take a large suitcase with you, which is best not yet completely full on the outbound flight. Because there is one thing you can definitely do in Dubai: Shop till you drop!

If you are taking a little more pocket money with you on your vacation to Dubai, then you should definitely do it Jewellery to buy. Gold jewelry in particular is very popular in the Arab countries and is accordingly often sold.

But what is even more important: The prices for jewelry are significantly cheaper in the United Arab Emirates than in Europe. The jewelers are tied to the international gold prices, but can offer the jewelery more cheaply due to lower taxes and processing costs.

In addition to jewelry, you can also go to dress make real bargains in Dubai. Regardless of whether you prefer to wear branded clothing or clothing from popular clothing chains: You can find everything in Dubai's malls, because pretty much every well-known fashion chain is represented here.

If you are out and about in the streets of Dubai and are offered branded clothing or accessories, you should be a little more careful. Imitations of well-known branded clothing are often offered there, but they are usually worse processed than their originals. It is much better to go to the big outlet malls and look for brand bargains there.

Remember some too culinary delicacies to take home with you. Those with a sweet tooth will surely find what they are looking for in the many confectioneries and supermarkets. In addition to chocolate made from camel milk, there are also many different types of dates, date pralines and all kinds of pastries that we don't know in Europe.

Lovers of Arabic cuisine should definitely buy fresh spices in the souks. With it you can conjure up completely different taste experiences than with the local spices in the supermarket, which taste much less intense. However, since almost all food in Dubai has to be imported, the costs are usually higher than in Germany.

Also alcohol is much more expensive in Muslim Dubai than here, so unfortunately you can't find any bargains here. However, smokers should strike in Dubai, because tobacco is cheaper here and usually also of better quality.

So that you do not have to pay customs duties for your purchases, note that you are only allowed to import goods with a value of up to 430 euros into Europe.

Malls & Souks - where is the best shopping in Dubai?

The #FTItravellers take you on a shopping tour through Dubai


Exclusive shopping experience in the malls

With over 50 malls, Dubai is a true paradise for shopping enthusiasts. In the air-conditioned shopping centers you can not only buy every brand we know, but also a large part of public life takes place here. Young people meet in the malls to have a chat in the air-conditioned environment and parents use the diverse attractions of the shopping centers to go on an excursion with their children. From ice skating or skiing to a visit to an aquarium, the malls offer everything your heart desires.

Another advantage is that the malls have very long opening times so that you can still shop extensively late in the evening. Most malls are open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on weekends - from Thursday to Saturday - usually until midnight.

Even if there are many additional offers in the malls, the focus is of course on shopping pleasure. You will find what you are looking for, especially with branded clothing. But there are also great offers for electronics and accessories. If you are looking for a bargain, you should stick to the posters in the shops that advertise current offers. In Dubai there is a new offer pretty much every day that makes shoppers' hearts beat faster and which one can hardly resist. You can find out which malls are best for a long shopping spree in this list:

1) The Dubai Mall

The city of superlatives is of course home to the largest shopping center in the world: the Dubai Mall. Here you will find over 1,200 shops on 1.1 million square meters, where you can simply buy anything. Whether clothing, jewelry, shoes or electronics, you will find it in the Dubai Mall!

In addition to many retail stores, the mall has numerous restaurants, cafes and a food court. The entertainment options are unbeatable too: take a look at the aquarium, the ice rink, the Dubai Fountain and the Burj Khalifah when you visit the mall. But be careful: The Dubai Mall is a real tourist magnet because of these numerous attractions and the prices in the shops are correspondingly high. A visit to the Dubai Mall shouldn't be missing on a city tour through Dubai, but you should shop somewhere else.

2) Ibn Battuta Mall

If you like it luxurious, you should definitely pay a visit to the Ibn Battuta Mall. The mall is divided into six areas, which are designed in the flair of different countries. In just a few steps you can walk through Andalusia, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia, India and China and shop comfortably in the 275 shops.

Of course, so much shopping makes you hungry, which is why there are many different restaurants and two food courts in which you can eat.

3) Al Ghurair Center

Do you want to enjoy the convenience of a mall, but don't want to do without bargaining while shopping? Then the Al Ghurair Center is the right place for you. In contrast to the other malls, bargaining is allowed in Dubai's oldest shopping center. You can try out how good your negotiation skills are in the more than 350 shops.

After shopping, a food court and a cinema await you. There is also a kids club so that you can shop undisturbed. So your kids won't even notice a minute or two that you spend in the shops.

4) Souq Madinat Jumeirah

The Souq Madinat Jumeirah is a shopping center designed entirely in the style of a traditional Arab souk. Although it belongs to the Madinat Jumeirah hotel resort, it is also accessible to non-hotel guests. The 95 shops are arranged side by side and connected by air-conditioned alleys and look like an old district of Dubai. Unfortunately, only the prices differ greatly from their role model, the “real” souks in the old town.

So if you're looking for bargains, you'd better go shopping somewhere else.

5) Dubai Festival City Mall

The Dubai Festival City Mall, which is located directly on the water, is very nicely located. Here you can buy everything your shopping heart desires in around 600 shops. The “Trade Routes” market, which is located in the mall, is particularly beautiful. Here you should look for handicrafts, carpets and individual souvenirs. But even for those of you who don't want to buy anything, the Dubai Festival City Mall is the perfect place to stay. The beautiful inner courtyards, cafes and restaurants on the Canal Walk invite you to stroll.

Those who like to eat fish should go a few steps further to the marina and eat there in the Marina Restaurant Pavilion.

6) Wafi City

The Wafi Mall is a little more exclusive. Here you will find around 350 shops that will make the hearts of luxury lovers beat faster. Here, too, you will find a souk where you can buy souvenirs and handicrafts to take home. Those who tend to be shopping companions rather than shoppers can pass the time marveling at the beautiful architecture.

The mall is equipped with artfully designed glass roofs and the light-flooded inner courtyard, where you can try delicious Arabic dishes, is also worth a detour. By the way, you will feel like you are in Egypt in the “Pyramids”, an area that is designed entirely in the style of ancient Egypt and where you will find various dining and leisure options, but also a spa.

7) Mall of Emirates

The Mall of Emirates also offers a superlative attraction with the Ski Dubai indoor ski area, which you shouldn't miss on a stroll through the city. In the restaurants in the western part of the mall you have a great view of the ski hall through a huge pane of glass. Of course, you can also go shopping in the Mall of Emirates. There are over 550 shops here where you can really find everything. Fashion lovers get their money's worth in the Fashion District. If you are looking for souvenirs, you should definitely stop by the Arabian Souq, because there are many handmade souvenirs, antiques and carpets that exude an Arab flair at home.

8) Dubai Outlet Mall

Pay attention to bargain hunters! You can get really good bargains in the outlets in Dubai. One of the best malls for this is the huge Dubai Outlet Mall. Here you will find over 1200 brands from all over the world and the best thing about it: For a fraction of the actual price! Discounts between 30% and even 90% are not uncommon here, so that the somewhat long journey from downtown Dubai is definitely worth it!

9) The Outlet Village

The Outlet Village between Dubai and Abu Dhabi looks like the Italian village of San Gimignano, with a different shop behind each house front. There are over 125 luxury brands here, such as DKNY, Calvin Klein and Roberto Cavalli. Again, the prices are greatly reduced and you can spend hours browsing for bargains. For the shopping companions among you, there are of course numerous cozy cafes and restaurants where you can bridge the waiting time.

Arabic shopping experience in the souks

You shop in the souks of Dubai more traditionally than in the huge malls. They are each structured according to which goods are offered there, so that you can compare great prices. So if a retailer doesn’t care about your price, just go ahead and try your luck there. A visit to the souks is an essential part of a city tour in Dubai, because here you get to know the traditional "old" Dubai like nowhere else in the city. You should definitely have a look at these souks:

1) Gold Souk

The gold souk is arguably the most popular souk of the Deira Souk - a huge souk area located on the Al Ras peninsula. Due to the arch structure there are many shady places and strolling through the individual alleys is also possible in the afternoon. In the gold souk, everything that glitters is gold! In over 300 shops you can buy as much jewelry as your wallet allows.

By the way, gold has a very important position in the Emirates, because in order to be able to get married, the future husband has to buy his wife a certain amount of gold jewelry and sometimes even whole gold bars. This bride price serves as financial security in the event of a divorce.

We buy gold jewelry for aesthetic reasons. But there is also a lot on offer here for European tastes. In order to get hold of a bargain or two, you should definitely use your negotiating skills here. The first mentioned price is always much too high and only when you reach about half of the first mentioned price should you strike.

Since the UAE always tries to break one record after the other, you will of course also find two Guiness Book Prize winners at the Gold Souk: one the largest ring and one the largest chain in the world. You can admire the ring in the shop window of the Kanz Tower store. It is made of 21 carat gold and weighs over 60 kg. The longest gold chain in the world, also known as the Dubai Celebration Chain, is over five kilometers long and weighs 240 kilograms.

2) perfume souk

Right next to the gold souk you will find the perfume souk. In the many small shops you can put together your own perfume here. The salespeople will be happy to advise you which smells go together and what the optimal mixing ratio is so that you can take your favorite scent home with you.

3) Spice Souk

Near the gold and perfume souk is the spice souk on the creek. It also consists of covered streets, which makes a stroll easier. Hobby cooks are in paradise here, because the smell of the many different spices makes you dream of future dishes that you want to cook with them. All spices are offered in huge bags. W.

if he wants to get a bargain, he shouldn't fall for the sellers' trick of counting on the gram price. When a gram costs little money, it usually sounds tempting. However, if you then work out how much you would have to pay for the actual amount, you will experience a nasty surprise here. You should definitely try to negotiate volume discounts here!

4) souk

Dubai's stuffed souk is across the creek. Strolling through the alleys is a real feast for the eyes. The colorful fabrics with beautiful patterns, made of fine lace and fine silk, hang everywhere. Since the services in Dubai are relatively cheap, it is worth having a piece of clothing tailor-made. Even for those of you who are only in town for a few days, this is easily possible. The tailors work extremely quickly and sometimes only need one day for a complete dress.

The Lisaili Camel Market, Dubai's camel souk, is probably less suitable for shopping and more as a sightseeing stop. Everything here revolves around the beloved animals. You can not only buy camels here, but also accessories such as reins, saddles and muzzles. If you are on your way to the Al Ain oasis, you should definitely not miss a stop here, because here you can still see a piece of the old culture of the UAE.

The best tips for saving - how should you shop in Dubai?

1. How to save in the souks: act, act, act

Whoever wants to get a bargain in Dubai should do one thing above all else: be able to bargain. This is especially true for a shopping tour in the souks, where bargaining is part of good manners. Our guide gave us the following tip - of course only because we promised not to tell anyone else, so psst;):

You should always start with 30% of what the dealer says as the price. The seller will look at you in shock and protest, but you have to be tough to get a good price. In fact, if the seller does not respond to an offer, it is common to simply turn away and leave. In this way you signal to him that you are not dependent on his goods and that he cannot cheat you.

Only when you have the doorknob in your hand will he get you back and make a counter offer. That is usually still too high, so stay firm now. Only when you have reached half of its originally stated price should you agree to it. Even if the seller tells you otherwise, the deal is worth it for both of you!

How to save in the malls: bargains and discounts

Negotiating is not welcome in the malls, so you shouldn't do it. Still, you can get real bargains. You just have to know how and when.

In general, one can say that the prices in Dubai are very similar to those in Germany. Nevertheless, you can save significantly more when shopping than when shopping at home. The reason: There is always an absolute bargain to be found somewhere in the malls. Every day there are new discounts and reduced goods that are just waiting to be discovered by you.

You may well find discounts of up to 90% in some stores. If you are visiting Dubai, you should also have the "Vice Versa Card" issued. This will give you up to 20% of the purchase price refunded if you buy something again in the same shop.

A festival for bargain hunters: The Dubai Shopping Festival: Bargain hunters watch out! The biggest bargains are waiting for you in December and January. This is the time when the Dubai Shopping Festival takes place, where every store tries to make the best deal. In addition to unbeatable offers, there are also attractive competitions every day at the festival, in which you can often win gold bars, cars or other valuable prizes. So if you are looking for an absolute bargain or if you are lucky, you should plan your trip to Dubai during this time!

Insider tip: Apps are the new coupons

Not only on site you can get great bargains in Dubai. There are also apps that specialize in collecting great offers and providing them to you with coupons as in the past. This is not only worthwhile when shopping for clothes, shoes, etc., but also when going out to eat or party. The “The Entertainer” app is particularly popular at the moment. It costs around a hundred euros, but if you use it extensively on vacation in Dubai, it still pays off many times over. Especially when celebrating, you can save a lot with offers such as "Buy a drink and get the other one for free".

Are you now in the mood for a shopping trip in Dubai? At you will find the right offers for your Dubai vacation. If you want to find out more, take a look at our travel tips for Dubai.

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