Why are sports memories usually so bad

by André Günther

The pre-play-off games are currently electrifying ice hockey fans in the Sauerland; for the first time in four years.
And once again it's normal madness. Only the play-offs in the German Ice Hockey League begin today. No matter how this fight for the championship ends, whether it lasts long or only until Friday, every play-off duel writes its own story. Just like four years ago when the Roosters failed after seven games in the quarter-finals at the Frankfurt Lions. Two of the four players on the ice at the time are captain Robert Hock and defender Sean Blanchard. Opposite them were today's team-mates Lasse Kopitz and Tobias Wörle, who at the time wore the Frankfurt jersey. You remember this dramatic series again:
Robert Hock: “I can still remember the incredible atmosphere here at the Seilersee. People stood here in long lines in the sleet for hours to get tickets. There were a total of seven games that could hardly be topped in terms of intensity. To make matters worse, Tobi Wörle also makes a booth from behind the gate. Horrible!"
Tobias Wörle: “On the contrary - that was sensational. The games were amazing. It went up and down and that also applied to the mood. We were already 3-1 behind after games and then turned the series. I was virtually in the history books for a day with Wolfi after the record game in Iserlohn. Unfortunately, the books weren't printed fast enough. One day later, the record was again a mess. "
Lasse Kopitz: “The seemingly endless overtime game here in Iserlohn will of course be remembered. These emotions cannot be described to anyone who was not there live in the hall. I can still remember that after some heated arguments with the fans behind the bench for a game we had our own bodyguards from Frankfurt with us. Almost anything is allowed in the play-offs. "
Sean Blanchard: “Oh yes, the game that didn't want to end. I can still see the pictures of the players crawling into the dressing room. Everyone was tired and some even had cramps. Usually we always have fruit and water for the breaks, but that was all gone. In the break before the sixth third we drank Coke and ate pizza. No joke! You have to imagine a hobby team at a cabin party - only without beer. I thought I was in the wrong movie right now. But after twelve hours without a meal, I whistled myself a long way - and it helped. "
The 2012 play-off story begins tonight in Düsseldorf and ends ...?

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