How long does the iPhone stopwatch last

Stopwatch and lap time measurement on the iPhone: how to do it

The iPhone has a stopwatch built into its clock app, with which you can measure the time as you wish. In this guide, we'll tell you everything you need to know about using this feature.

How quickly do you manage your current fitness routine? It's relatively easy to find out with a stopwatch - all you really need is your iPhone. The corresponding function has already been integrated as standard.

Start, stop and reset the stopwatch

To start the stopwatch on your iPhone, switch to the clock app pre-installed on the device. There you can tap on the item "Stopwatch" at the bottom of the screen. To then use it to measure the time, you only need to go to the green "Start" button. If you want to interrupt or even end the measurement at some point, select the red "Stop" symbol. However, you can resume the measurement at any time afterwards - by going to "Start" again. When the measurement is finished or you want to restart it, you only need to tap on "Delete" and the timer will be reset.

The lap time measurement

To measure the lap time, on the other hand, you first have to make sure that the stopwatch has started. Then tap on "Round". The counter for the lap time measurement will then appear under the stopwatch time. There is no limit to how many laps you can record with it. In addition, you can then view all the results of the measurement before you click on "Delete". This then resets the timer back to zero.

For more features: use third-party apps

The stopwatch pre-installed on the iPhone is relatively simple. If you would like to use a timepiece with more additional functions, third-party apps are available instead: For professional athletes there is, for example, the free Herotime: Sport Multi stopwatch. Similar to the also free Multi-Stopwatch app, it enables multiple times to be measured at the same time.


  • You can find the stopwatch function in the clock app that is preinstalled on your iPhone.
  • You can also use it to measure the lap time by starting the stopwatch and then tapping "Lap".
  • If you want to reset the timer at the end, you just have to go to "Delete".

Do you use the stopwatch or lap time measurement for your fitness activities? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.