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The glory seven

USA 1998-2000 (The Magnificent Seven)
Seven loners band together to protect a village of displaced Indians and ex-slaves from a mad South State Colonel who has not yet realized that the civil war is over. They stay together to protect the small town of Four Corners and become a very special team: The Magnificent Seven: Chris Larabee, the notorious gunslinger, Vin Tanner, the tracker, sniper and Indian friend, Buck Wilmington, the womanizer, Josiah Sanchez, the Ex-preacher, Ezra Standish, the cardsharp, Nathan Jackson, the healer, John 'JD' Dunne, the Kid. (Text: Sabine)

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  • Stefan_G (born 1963) on

    I had zhullezt 2001 on "Kabel1" seen - if not all the consequences.
    I am actually surprised that it is repeated on "MGM". Because that's actually a pure feature film channel, your series channel.
    Should be fine with me. The main thing is that it is broadcast again at all ...
  • Jürgen (born 1966) on

    Absolutely cult. I can't understand Christian. The series is well done. I can really only shake my head at Christian's comment
  • Matze on

    A great series, fortunately completely on DVD, albeit without any great extras. Season 1 sometimes has a slightly better picture quality, the sound is extremely good for a TV series. Really great Western sound design with a lot of atmospheres and noises, the music composed by Hollywood veteran Don Harper based on Elmer Bernstein is also great. All of this mixed extremely well, so it's worth starting the home theater system.
    Otherwise great main casts of the characters, which gives the series an extremely high level, which is also supported by many well-known guest stars such as: Robert Vaughn, Kurtwood Smith, Barry Corbin, Stephen McHattie, Brion James, Tim Thomerson, M.C. Gainey, Kathryn Morris, Brad Dourif, Gregory Scott Cummins to name a few.
    This is what current series can only dream of nowadays!
    In any case, if you are even a bit into westerns, you shouldn't miss this production and the beautiful Laurie Holden never looked better here, you can't get out of the raving about it! :)
  • Anne (born 1975) on

    At first I couldn't believe it, but now the second season of the Magnificent Seven is still available in German.
  • CJ (born 1984) on

    So I bought the season2 of "Die Glorreichen Sieben" as a uk import from amazon and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised that it is linguistically in both German and English

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The series is based on the western film "The Magnificent Seven" (original title "The Magnificent Seven") by director John Sturges from 1960.
From the Television lexicon by Michael Reufsteck and Stefan Niggemeier (as of 2005): 23-part US western series (The Magnificent Seven: The Series; 1998–1999).
The Seven Desperados Chris Larrabee (Michael Biehn), Vin Tanner (Eric Close), John JD Dunne (Andrew Kavovitt), Buck Wilmington (Dale Midkiff), Josiah Sanchez (Ron Perlman), Ezra Standish (Anthony Starke) and Nathan Jackson (Rick Worthy) fight for the good shortly after the civil war and stand up for the weak. Mary Travis (Laurie Holden) of the local newspaper makes leader Chris look good. Her father is the judge Orin Travis (Robert Vaughn). J. D. is interested in the beautiful Casey (Dana Barron).
The series was of course based on the John Sturges film of the same name, but was not made until 38 years later. Robert Vaughn had already starred in the film, but in a different role. The hour-long episodes ran on Sunday afternoons.

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