Positive thinking can lead to happiness

World lucky day Positive thinking: you can train to be happy!

Don't hang your head because you are desperately searching meadows for a four-leaf clover. Instead, look ahead, take your luck into your own hands and plant your own garden in which the clover only sprouts!

What is positive thinking? And what not?

Say goodbye to the idea that positive thinking will make you soar through life, jumping from pink cloud to cloud. Positive thinking is characterized by the fact that in addition to the negative aspects of a thing or a certain situation, there are also positive ones. And this is exactly what you have to recognize! Positive thinking also consists in the fact that you have confidence in yourself and your actions. Trusting yourself to do something that others think is crazy or unachievable strengthens your positive mindset. Because as you can see from the others: Everyone can be negative! When you consider that nothing in the world can only be interpreted positively or completely negatively, it is obvious that being optimistic is a decision that everyone can make for themselves - and also makes you happy.

5 tips and exercises to be happy

1. Negative thoughts are forbidden!

It's not that simple - negative thoughts creep up on us again and again, make us doubt and reflect and ensure that nasty uncertainty spreads in us. There is no off button for these thoughts, but you should simply withdraw your attention from them at such moments. Distract yourself and do things that give you pleasure.

2. Smile - and your thoughts smile back

While it is a fallacy to claim that everyone who has a smile on their face is happy, there is some truth to it: Researchers have found that smiling releases happiness hormones that have a positive effect on your mood. So a good mood also means good thoughts. And that in turn makes positive thinking so easy!

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3. "Thank you" memo to yourself

We often remember bad days or events, far too seldom do we later enjoy beautiful moments or great experiences. It is the same with positive thoughts, which too quickly fade into the background. Therefore, write down positive things in a diary or on a piece of paper that you stick in a glass. You will see: there are a lot of things for which you can be thankful and which you should remember when negative thoughts want to settle in your head again.

4. Activate Miesepeter location

We get infected far too quickly - by fashion trends, germs of all kinds and even by other people's whims. Even if the social exchange is important and necessary, we can choose with whom it should take place. People who are dissatisfied themselves, who complain and only complain all the time, damage our positive attitude. Therefore, if possible, surround yourself only with cheerful and funny people who unconsciously influence you with their way of thinking and who support you in positive thinking. And who knows - maybe you will become the sunshine yourself, bringing positive thinking to your fellow human beings?

5. The way to happiness: The right dose of disaster

Natural disasters, crime and violence: every day the news and social networks report on disasters that have occurred in the world. These reports shock and affect us - even if we live a few thousand kilometers away. Is that why you stopped following the news? Total bullshit! However, you always have to keep in mind that in addition to the negative headlines, there are also positive things that happen every day. Unfortunately, these are only partially reported. So decide for yourself which dose of bad news is good for you and when it is better for you to just turn off the TV.

Do you want to make sure that good things happen around you too? Then pick a few clover leaves from your garden and give them away! Every day you can easily strengthen the positive thinking of your fellow human beings with even the smallest deed. And yours with it without much effort!

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