Who is the creator of all things?

I believe in God, the Creator of all things

“Lord, how great and many are your works! You have arranged them all wisely, and the earth is full of your goods " (Ps 104:24).

"In the beginning God created heaven and earth" (1 Mo 1,1).

God created the whole universe from nothing. He had decided in his infinite power what should exist. And so He created all things by His mighty Word alone. Now his creation lives outside of himself, but in constant dependence on him and his will. The three persons of the divine trinity - Father, Son and Holy Spirit - participated together in this miracle of creation (cf. 1 Mo 1,2; Ps 33,6,9; 148,5; Joh 1,1-3; Col 1, 15-16; Heb 1,2; 11,3).

The mysterious creation

The act of creation represents a great mystery for us. It contains much that we cannot understand. For example, the fact that God created everything out of nothing is incomprehensible to our minds. Because we ourselves are not able to create something out of nothing. We also find it difficult to understand how something can arise in dependence on God and at the same time be separate from God. And that angels and humans as created beings in their dependence on God are nevertheless able to make free decisions for which they are responsible to their Creator. These things cannot be explained for us, but they are true!

The same is true of space and time. They are dimensions created by God. But God lives outside of time and space, and He is not bound to them. A state that is completely alien and unimaginable to us.

Since the world did not create itself, it cannot consist of itself either. God alone exists in himself. The constancy of the universe is totally and every second dependent on God holding it together. In Hebrews 1: 3 and Colossians 1:17 we get an insight into the fact that Jesus Christ, the Eternal Son of God, the entire universe "Through his mighty word" and all things endure in Him. Without his constant work, all living beings in this world would perish in one fell swoop. So Paul explains to his listeners in Athens that God "Even gives all life and breath and everything ... because in him we live, we exist and we are" (Acts 17:25, 28).

The possibility that changes and multiplications are possible within creation (such as reproductions, the miracle of the multiplication of the bread in John 6, the miracle of being born again through the power of the Holy Spirit) is as old as creation itself. In how far We cannot say with certainty that God creates completely new things out of nothing in these miraculous events. It is outside of our minds and our perception. But we are allowed to experience every day how this world in which we live is held together and preserved by his creative power.

The redeemed creation

Knowing that God created this world and everything in it is one of the basic beliefs of Christians. Therefore, God, as the Creator of all things, also has all the recognition and honor. And whoever looks at the incredible wonders of creation, the laws of nature that govern it, its diversity and beauty, should not come to any other decision than to praise God above all of this. Many Psalms are full of praise to the Creator (see e.g. Ps 104).

But there is also the truth that God is also the sovereign ruler over all of this. He has a fixed plan, in which all occurrences and changes of direction in world events are included. He uses his creative power to redeem, transform and renew - something experienced by all those who trust in God, the Almighty Creator. Whoever keeps these truths before his eyes and lives in daily dependence on his Creator, becomes capable of a life of devotion, of gratitude to God. Because with this knowledge begins true fear of God - looking up at God, the sovereign, almighty Creator of heaven and earth.

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