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    • 20,000 products
    • over 250 employees
    • Founded in 1957
    • 132 recommendations

    Products: Shoes, protective gloves, women's safety shoes, disposable gloves, disposable shoes, low shoes, gloves, welding gloves, heat gloves, leather gloves, ...

  • Max Fuchs AG

    Manufacturer, wholesaler from Freyung (Germany)

    • 10,000 products
    • 6-20 employees
    • Founded in 1981
    • 54 recommendations

    Products: Shoes, gloves, snowshoes, gaiters, belts, belts, braces, hand warmers, glasses, glow sticks, ...

    • over 20 employees
    • Founded in 1923
    • 119 recommendations
    • Manufacturer, wholesaler

    Products: Shoes, heat protection gloves, welding protection gloves, welding shoes, gloves, protective gloves, chemical protection gloves, cold protection gloves, cut protection gloves, stab protection gloves, ...

    • 124 recommendations
    • Wholesaler
    • from Germany
    • internationally active

    Products: Shoes, sports shoes, women’s shoes, men’s shoes, jogging shoes, textiles, men’s clothing, women’s clothing, women’s clothing, sportswear, ...

    • 160 recommendations
    • Wholesaler
    • from Germany
    • internationally active

    Products: Shoes, women's shoes, sports shoes, children's shoes, baby shoes, lace-up shoes, men's shoes, wedge shoes, women's textile shoes, heel shoes, ...

  • heo GmbH

    Wholesaler from Herxheim (Germany)

    • 20,000 products
    • over 100 employees
    • Established in 1996
    • 136 recommendations

    Products: Shoes, belts, sweatshirts, ties, pajamas, hats, caps, scarves, bracelets, books, ...

    • over 20 employees
    • Founded in 1820
    • 97 recommendations
    • Wholesaler

    Products: Shoes, baby lambskin shoes, lambskin slippers, fur slippers, fur gloves, baby fur shoes, lambskin children's slippers, lambskin baby shoes, lambskin gloves, slippers, ...

    • 40,000 products
    • Founded in 1991
    • 106 recommendations
    • Wholesaler

    Products: Shoes, work shoes, safety shoes, respiratory protection equipment, hand protection, skin protection, main protection, head protection, hearing protection, eye protection goggles, ...

    • 700 products
    • over 20 employees
    • Founded in 1995
    • 202 recommendations

    Products: Shoes, gloves, cycling gloves, golf gloves, men's gloves, scarves, ceramics, ceramic figures, LED solar lamps, planters, ...

  • Birk GmbH

    Wholesaler from Schweinfurt (Germany)

    • 64 recommendations
    • Wholesaler
    • from Germany
    • nationally active

    Products: Shoes, work gloves, women’s work gloves, women’s work shoes, cotton gloves, work shoes, chemical protection gloves, women’s work shoes, women’s safety shoes, women’s trekking shoes, ...

    • 500,000 products
    • Founded in 2006
    • 36 recommendations
    • Wholesaler

    Products: Shoes, lace-up shoes, sneaker shoes, men's jogging shoes, men's running shoes, men's training shoes, men's hiking shoes, men's winter shoes, men's low shoes, men's gloves, ...

    • 20,000 products
    • over 250 employees
    • Founded in 1978
    • 55 recommendations

    Products: Shoes, pond maintenance gloves, sports shoes, men’s sports shoes, women’s sports shoes, women’s sports gloves, men’s sports gloves, men’s sports shoes, women’s fitness shoes, gloves, ...

    • Founded in 1953
    • Wholesaler
    • from Germany
    • internationally active

    Products: Shoes, high heels, evening shoes, all-round shoes, everyday shoes, all-weather shoes, dress shoes, going out shoes, baby slippers, slippers, ...

    • 2,000 products
    • Founded in 2016
    • 39 recommendations
    • Wholesaler

    Products: Shoes, men's casual shoes, men's jogging shoes, men's jogging shoes, sneaker shoes, all-round shoes, everyday shoes, men's shoes, loafers, women's shoes, ...

    • 1,000,000 products
    • over 250 employees
    • Established in 1904
    • 106 recommendations

    Products: Shoes, safety shoes, work gloves, disposable overshoes, overshoes, surgical overshoes, overshoes, synthetic leather gloves, nappa leather gloves, cowhide gloves, ...

    • Founded in 1898
    • 120 recommendations
    • Wholesaler
    • from Germany

    Products: Shoes, gloves, protective gloves, cotton gloves, surgical overshoes, patient shoes, washing gloves, towels, washcloths, guest towels, ...

    • 150,000 products
    • Founded in 2009
    • 51 recommendations
    • Wholesaler

    Products: Shoes, welding gloves, welding protection shoes, work protection gloves, work protection shoes, gloves, protective shoes, hand protection gloves, work safety shoes, work safety gloves, ...

    • over 100 employees
    • Founded in 1874
    • 101 recommendations
    • Wholesaler

    Products: Shoes, disposable gloves, polyethylene gloves, latex gloves, non-sterile gloves, powder-free gloves, disposable overshoes, overshoes, household gloves, vinyl disposable gloves, ...

    • 20,000 products
    • over 50 employees
    • Established in 1999
    • 121 recommendations

    Products: Shoes, kitchen shoes, service shoes, back gloves, disposable gloves, cut protection gloves, vinyl disposable gloves, thermal gloves, lace-up shoes, safety shoes, ...

    • 10,000 products
    • 6-20 employees
    • Established in 1985
    • 119 recommendations

    Products: Shoes, occupational safety shoes, work safety gloves, work safety shoes, fire protection gloves, fire protection shoes, fire protection gloves, fire protection gloves, functional gloves, fire protection shoes, ...

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Shoes have been protecting people's feet for a long time

As early as the Stone Age, the Neanderthals wrapped themselves around their feet and calves to protect themselves against the cold and rough terrain. From these early forms of footwear, boots evolved over time. Basically, shoes always consist of a solid base that is primarily intended to protect the sole of the foot. In addition, as an important accessory, they are inextricably linked to current fashion and are particularly popular with women.

The right shoes for every occasion

The selection of shoes is almost unlimited, as you can quickly see for yourself by taking a look at the relevant markets. There is always the right shoe for every occasion, every use, every occasion and all external conditions. This ranges from universal shoes for everyday life to leisure and sports shoes to shoes for business or festive evening entertainment. There are also shoes that protect those who wear them from special dangers at work and shoes that we wear at home.

Shoes not only offer protection, but are also a fashion accessory

Of course, the protective effect of shoes is always the main focus. This becomes clear at the latest when you have to do without footwear and experience how quickly you get cold feet or get injuries. But for all the sensible reasons for wearing shoes, they also play an important role as a fashion accessory. Many designers all over the world are busy creating new shoes over and over again, thereby setting fashionable accents.

Manufacturer and wholesaler for a wide range of shoes

There is a whole lot to discover in our shoes category. Here you will meet countless manufacturers and wholesalers who supply you with all kinds of high-quality footwear. The selection is so large that you should determine as precisely as possible which type of shoes you need before you go shopping.

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