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Swimming course despite the coronavirus - is the pool water contagious?

Many of our customers are unsettled. After the package of measures against the spread of the COD-19 coronavirus decided today, our phone rang non-stop. The question we heard most often: "Is the water in the swimming pool contagious?"

Coronavirus - chlorinated pool water is harmless

The pool water is disinfected with chlorine. The coronavirus, like the influenza virus, is one of the "enveloped" viruses. H5N1 or “bird flu” also belongs to this group of viruses. The German Federal Environment Agency wrote about the effectiveness of chlorine against these viruses in the course of the 2006 bird flu:

"Enveloped viruses, to which the influenza viruses belong, are more sensitive to the effects of disinfectants than non-enveloped viruses (e.g. enteral viruses from municipal sewage). This makes them more accessible to chemical disinfection. This also applies in particular to the use of chlorine and chlorine dioxide as disinfectants.

The German Society for the Bathing Industry reports:

"All available findings indicate that viruses are safely killed by the chlorine."

An Olympic pool contains at least 2.5 million liters of water

Viruses are not organisms. As a result, unlike bacteria, coronaviruses introduced into the pool water cannot multiply without a host. So if some viruses get into the water through e.g. the saliva of a swimmer, there is no need to be afraid.

A pool filter system cannot filter the tiny viruses out of the water, but the millions of liters of constantly moving water dilute the pathogen concentration enormously. Irrespective of the fact that the viruses are killed by the chlorine, the absorption of a minimum number of germs, the so-called infection dose, is necessary for an infection.

If you consider that an average Olympic sports pool holds several million liters of water, you can see that the amount of pathogens brought into the water by swimmers is, in contrast, negligible.

Swimming despite the coronavirus - yes of course!

So you definitely cannot get infected by the pool water. Nevertheless, the swimming pool is a public place, which is why you should follow the measures recommended by the Federal Ministry of Social Affairs at the entrance, in the cloakrooms, in the catering area, etc.

So if you've booked a swimming course with us, don't worry. Children and adults can have fun with our swimming courses without having to worry about the water in the pool. Right now, healthy exercise in the water is good for the body, because swimming keeps you fit, reduces stress and strengthens the immune system. Just don't forget to wash your hands regularly.