Where can I find wedding invitation sets

Homemade wedding stationery - with individualized stamps

Every wedding is as individual as the bride and groom it is celebrating. For a long time now, handcrafts have been put into the decoration, the wedding cake is tried beforehand, the menu is determined and the wedding dress is tailor-made according to individual wishes.

The invitation cards for the big day are also increasingly being commissioned from professional graphic designers in order to give them the most personal touch possible. But here, too, the bride and groom can do their own handicrafts: Complicated graphics programs are not necessarily required to make beautiful wedding stationery themselves. Instead, we recommend enthusiastic hobbyists a high-quality paper, possibly an engagement photo and these cute wedding stamps that we came across in various Etsy shops!

Stamp sets for the wedding invitations

There are different variants of wedding stamps depending on how the invitation cards for the wedding should look like and how much you as a bridal couple would like to make yourself. If you want to send a classic invitation including a formal salutation, date and wedding location, you can write the text yourself and have a completely individual stamp made from it by the designers at Etsy. Then only the selected paper has to be printed on and the very personal wedding invitation is ready.

Depending on the length and format of the text, an engagement photo can be printed on the back or a decorated folding card can be made. The small save-the-date cards for the advance notice of the wedding date can also be easily stamped yourself.

Customize invitation cards with stamps But even finished wedding invitations can be given an individual embellishment with one or the other stamp - for example with a nicely designed address stamp on the envelope or even as a personal seal. Some designers even create entire logos for the bride and groom from the initials. These can not only decorate the wedding stationery, but can also be used for favors and table decorations!

Wedding stamps seen at: If you don't necessarily want to do handicrafts yourself, you can of course also buy complete wedding invitation sets.


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