What is the importance of sewing clothes

Sewing clothes yourself: all advantages at a glance!

Why is my self-sewn fashion so much fun? And why should you even sew clothes yourself? In this blog post I'll tell you what advantages this has!

Sewing clothes myself: My favorite pastime 🙂

Since my overlock and coverlock (you may already know my overlock and coverlock test report?) I've sewed a large part of my wardrobe myself. And at least since ours Sedona women's shirt saw the light of day of the sewing world, I am fully infected!

Sewing clothes myself has many advantages for me:

  • Since I fall out of the usual grid at 1.83 cm, sleeves, trouser legs or waist are often too short - if I sew my clothes myself, I can do it individually Changes make.
  • With size 42 I wear a common size, mine Proportions but are a bit headstrong - I can also take this fact into account when I sew my clothes myself
  • I get exactly the piece of clothing that I want - and even in the color and fabric that I imagine
  • I can do a lot in putting together outfits more creative than before - what if I'm missing a piece? I just sew it myself!
  • Not to underestimate: Sewing clothes is fun!
  • The feeling of wearing cool, self-sewn clothes is just awesome!
  • Also great: proud to be able to sew clothes yourself.

Sometimes it just has to beJersey with little birdsbe right? 😉

  • Self-sewn fashion is sustainable: When I want to sew with organic fabrics, I usually order them online. My favorite source for Organic fabrics is Hemmers. I like to browse because the selection of organic fabrics is actually tasteful - and I can also find the right ones in their shopCuff me cuffsof alpine fabrics that I have a total crush on! Both in the station wagon are just awesome, I think! It's also great that the cuffs are also in Organic quality are.
  • If I choose the fabrics for my clothes myself, I have them securitythat it is not produced in emerging countries under problematic conditions - and I can also control the selection of materials: for example by opening seal of approval eighth.
  • In this respect, sewing clothes yourself is also a political (or ideological) decision - I have the opportunity to boycott unfair production conditions.
  • Sewing clothes yourself a very special declaration of love - I don't do that for everyone! 😉

Maxim wears ours Men's shirt Miles from a black and white ringed oneSummer sweat.

  • My self-sewn clothes are high-quality - the quality of the workmanship is determined exclusively by me. And of course I make sure that the hems fit properly and that the seams are durable.
  • When I sew clothes myself, they are particularly important to me - for me that is yet another form of Valence: If it took me time and effort (no matter how much I enjoy sewing myself), then I particularly appreciate the finished piece. I already know this effect from assembling certain Swedish furniture. When I knocked the stool together myself, I find it a lot cooler than anything I can buy ready-made.

In the photo I'm wearing my new one Favorite tunic Tomris in a denim fabric embroidered with flowers. I have the material for you in mine Article about the most beautiful spring fabrics yes already presented.

  • Self-sewn clothing is Cheap: Even at a meter price of 18 euros, my tailor-made tunic (depending on the size) costs less than 40 euros. Yarn, electricity and nerves included.
  • I am whole with the garments I sew myself regardless of fashion and what is currently on the bars in the shops. The contents of my wardrobe are as hip or classic as I want them to be - so I avoid the dictates of fashion makers and designers.
  • The quality gets better and better with every piece of clothing sewn - and I have a lot of fun with it, mine Skills to expand and To learn new things!
  • I - and nobody else - determine my style. And that's important to me. I don't want to look like everyone else. And for that I take the "labor of sewing" (and the sweaty oneFabric market visits... 😉) gladly for me!

Here I am wearing ours Calista long jacket from agray viscose jersey with polka dots.

And the disadvantages?

They are really limited - so much so that I don't even make a list for them.

Of course, self-sewn is fashion more labor-intensive! But just the compilation of the materials, the joyful rummaging in the fabric shop, the conversation with shop assistants and other sewing enthusiasts - and ultimately: showing the finished pieces in our Facebook group - All of this is work, but above all: joy!

In fact, from my point of view there are only advantages to sewing my clothes yourself. Of course, I also occasionally buy a piece and then combine it with my own sewn things. And I haven't dared to wear jeans either. But it will come, I am sure!

Before I dare to wear jeans, there will be so much more to come! Self-sewn harem pants for relaxing, tights and leggings for yoga and Pilates, shirts for vacation, cardigans for the office (do you already know our fantastic Cardigan Catrien?), a dress made of gray cord that I've dreamed of for a long time ... - the list is practically endless!

The more I sew, the more I trust myself!

And the more I sew, the more I train my skills, the longer it will be:

Because I trust myself more and more! Three months ago it was a receipt real challenge for me, I can easily master it today - and look forward to chic neckline solutions, flat hems and neat slits in the hem of the skirt.

One disadvantage - if you want to look at it that way, is that you have to acquire the skills gradually. But that's also a lot of fun for me personally! 🙂

Would you like to sew your clothes - or those of your loved ones - yourself?

Then take a quick look at mine Shop stop by and download a matching pattern.

And then: let's get to the sewing machine! 🙂

Happy simple sewing

Your Sabine