What is Credit Card RFID Technology

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It's amazingly fast: At the supermarket checkout, many newer EC cards can now simply be held up to a reader and the purchase is paid for. Neither a signature nor typing in a pin code is necessary. This is made possible by a so-called RFID chip built into the card. This is radioed by the cash register reader on a certain frequency and automatically sends back data that allow the payment process.

Unfortunately, it is precisely this technology that makes it easy for unauthorized persons to abuse it. Criminals could design similarly functioning devices and spark your cash card in passing. Completely unnoticed by you, you would "pull your money out of your pocket".

With the mdr-RFID blocker you can defend yourself against such abusive attacks on the sensitive data of your EC or credit card. And that without any effort! Simply insert the RFID blocker card into your wallet with the other chip cards and they will be protected from unauthorized access in the future.

This is how an RFID blocker works

The abbreviation RFID stands for "radio-frequency identification", in German: "Identification using electromagnetic waves". The RFID technology describes a possibility to read a small chip by radio. To do this, a reader creates an electromagnetic field and thus transfers energy to the chip, which does not require its own power supply. A data request is sent to the chip card, which it answers without a security check if it is close enough to the reader. The passive transponders in car keys for unlocking an immobilizer also work on the same principle. EC or credit cards in particular send far more sensitive data than a car key when they are radioed.

If the RFID blocker is kept together with the chip card, it sends an interfering signalas soon as this is called. This makes it impossible for unauthorized devices to read your money card data unnoticed. Only when you take your chip card out of your wallet and thus remove it from the RFID blocker does it become readable for the corresponding devices and can therefore be used, for example, to pay in the supermarket.

The mdr-RFID blocker prevents in one Radius of up to five centimeters the reading of cards with the RFID standard frequency of 13.56 MHz be radioed. As long as you keep it in your wallet along with your chip cards, they are protected from unauthorized attacks and your data is safe.