Why is it important to impart wisdom

Learn from one another, work with one another, live for one another. (Peter Petersen)

Children are not barrels that need to be filled, but fires that need to be lit. (Rabelais)

The school is not an institution for imparting knowledge, but rather the place of life for young people of both sexes in general. (Tami Oelfken)

Children do not want to be taught, children want to be confirmed. (Werner Bergengruen)

The goal of education is a person full of character who is ready for discipline and responsibility. The working method consists of real-life lessons at all levels.
(Tami Oelfken)

Children are necessary in the world, and just as they are. (Janusz Korczak)

You learn to live.
You don't live to learn. (Bruno Bettelheim)
The children are the real teachers of humanity.
Peter Rosegger (Austrian poet and narrator, 1843-1918)

Children need our special care because they are our future.
Sir Peter Ustinov (actor, 1921-2004)

You can't teach a person anything, you can help him discover it within himself.
Galileo Galilei (physicist, astronomer, philosopher, 1564-1642)

The most valuable thing we can give a student is not the knowledge
but a healthy way of acquiring knowledge and acting.
Georg Kerschensteiner (1854-1932, educator and school reformer)

Knowledge is experience, everything else is just information.
Albert Einstein (physicist and Nobel Prize winner, 1879-1955)

Education is a wonderful thing, but from time to time one must remember that nothing of value can be taught.
Oscar Wilde (Irish writer, 1854-1900)

"Promote or demand? Promote and demand? Promote through demand?"
Maria Montessori (doctor and teacher, 1870-1952)

A good teacher is a good teacher if he has the art of teaching the student to enjoy the material. Albert Einstein (physicist and Nobel Prize winner, 1879-1955)

Let your child be as free as he can.
Let it go and hear, find and fall, get up and go astray.
Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi (Swiss educator and social reformer, 1746-1827)

Because our children are our only real connection to the future
and because they are the weakest, they come first in society.
Olof Palme (Swedish Prime Minister, 1926-1986)

Nothing can exist without order. Nothing can arise without chaos.
Albert Einstein (physicist and Nobel Prize winner, 1879-1955)
 The best that parents can give their children on their journey through life is to give them a few minutes of their time every day. (O. A. Battista)
Everything we encounter leaves traces behind. Everything contributes imperceptibly to our education.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German poet, scientist and statesman,
1749 - 1832)

Opportunities lie in the midst of difficulties.
Albert Einstein (physicist and Nobel Prize winner, 1879-1955)
There is no way - ways come from walking.
Antonio Machado (Spanish poet, 1875-1939)
Do not spend the time looking for an obstacle -
maybe there isn't one. Franz Kafka (writer, 1883-1924)
Whoever is happy about a child is happy about life.
Phil Bosmans (priest and writer, born 1922) Lots of little people in lots of little places
who do many little things can change the face of the world.
(African proverb) Real education consists in cultivating the best in us.
Mahatma Gandhi (leader of the Indian independence movement,
Lawyer, statesman and reformer, 1869-1948) A dream is essential if you want to shape the future.
Victor Hugo (French poet, 1802 - 1885) Treating people as they are makes them worse.
But whoever treats people as they could be makes them better.
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (German poet, 1749 - 1832) This life is waiting for you to tackle it together with the others
and shape according to the needs of humanity: Reasonable and worthy.
Tami Oelfken (1888-1957) The earth does not belong to us. We only borrowed them from our ancestors
to pass them on to our children. (Indian wisdom) 
To be able to read means to be able to learn.
(Motto of the Austrian campaign "Lesefit")

 Peace begins in one's own home.
Karl Jaspers (German philosopher, 1883-1969) True parenting is learning how to think, not what to think.
Jiddu Krishnamurti (1895-1986, Indian author and spiritual teacher)  
Reading not only stimulates the imagination, reading is the basis of all learning.
Herbert Wesely, (* 1963), Austrian sports secretary and web editor
So the decision is that humans have to learn something.
You can learn, thank God, but also for the rest of your life!
Wilhelm Busch (1832-1908), German poet
All education begins with curiosity.
Peter Bieri, Swiss author and philosopher
 Parents who read to their children or make up stories for them,
make them the greatest gift in the world.
Doris Lessing, (* 1919), engl. Nobel laureate in literature  The example is one of the most successful teachers, although it teaches wordlessly.
Samuel Smiles (1812-1904), engl. writer 
The child should play, it should have recreational hours, but it must also learn to work.
(Immanuel Kant, philosopher, 1724-1804)
 If you want to build high towers, you have to spend a long time with the foundation.
(Anton Bruckner, composer, 1824-1896) Appreciating diversity means being able to be different without fear.
(Theodor W. Adorno, philosopher and sociologist, 1903-1969)