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Part-time: How many hours can you work per week?

Many men and women do not want to choose between work and family and choose one Part-time position. So they can less than 40 hours a week spend in the company and then still have enough timethat they can spend with the family.

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Part-time essentially means that fewer hours than in Worked full time becomes. Questions quickly arise when it comes to part-time and hours. How long can you work? Must be certain when working part time Working hours be respected? This is not entirely clear to most workers.

In a nutshell: hours part-time

How many hours can I work part-time?

You can read here how many hours a week are allowed to work part-time.

What part-time models are there?

The Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has put together seven different part-time models. You can find out exactly what this looks like in our summary.

How do I know which model applies to my case?

The minimum hours for part-time work are usually specified in the employment contract.

This guide tells you what to do with part-time employees Hours per month is prescribed. How many hours can you work part-time? What does that see Part-time working hours law before and which Part-time models is there?

What is part time?

Basically can not flat rate say how many hours define part-time employment. This depends on the respective employment relationship and in which one Scope of full-time employment stands. So are in a company 40 full-time hours per weekin another, employees work 38 hours a week.

According to Section 2 Part-time and Temporary Employment Act (TzBfG) an employee is employed part-time if his regular weekly working hours are shorter than those of a full-time employee. Is there no regular weekly working hours, the average working time in a period of one year applies in relation to a full-time position.

Generally, every employee who already has six months or longer with the company, the right to a reduction in his working hours to part-time. The hours can agreed with the employer and set out in the employment contract. It is also possible to check the exact working hours in Contract in writing to agree.

Part-time is particularly suitable for employees who are after the Parental leave want to get back into the job slowly. A big advantage of this is that employees next to one Part-time employment have more time for family and household. A big disadvantage, however, are those low pension entitlementscaused by low earnings.

Part-time: How many hours a week can I work?

In the case of part-time work, the hours are agreed in advance with the employer. The employment contract usually set how many hours you have weekly should work. Both part-time 39 hours a week as well as 20 or just 3 hours to be agreed.

By the way: An employment relationship in which less than 10 hours a week work is generally referred to as a mini-job. Basically, however, it is also about Part time with fewer hours per week.

There is part time no statutory minimum hoursthat have to be served. The basis for the number of hours is the employment contract. However, it may well be that in the contract for part-time no fixed number of hours is agreed. In this case you will find expressions such as “part-time with flexible weekly hours” or “working hours depend on the interests of the company”.

In this case, the employee is entitled to at least ten hours a week to be employed part-time. If the employer assigns you part-time for fewer hours, you can Pay for ten hours of work per week desire.

Since there is no minimum number of hours for part-time work, you and your employer can state in the contract that you are only two hours a week work.

But if your boss regularly uses you much more often, you can do one Request contract adjustment and your average hours correct to let.

Are part-time overtime allowed?

The Number of hours vary and is mostly based on the employment contract. But what about part-time overtime? Here too, the employment contract is the guideline for the hours. If there is that stated you weekly or monthly a certain number Extra work or have to work overtime, then you have to adhere to it.

Will the overtime not be by the employment contract regulated, these must be in the collective agreement or in the context of another company agreement be prescribed. Otherwise, the employer can do you do not obligeTo work overtime.

The whole thing looks different in the event of an acute emergency for the company. In this case, it must be done by all employees Overtime required become. This can be done for example at Natural disasters occurrence.

Make an appointment with your employer that you will be part time do more hours and work overtime accordingly, these will be remunerated at the regular hourly wage. Despite part-time working hours, Full time employment exceeded, you are also entitled to surcharges.

Interesting: Your employer leaves you regularly work more hoursthan agreed in the employment contract, you can assume that the employment contract will be tacitly revised. It is then no longer about overtime, but about that required work performance. The employee can ask his boss to sign a new contract with the regular increased working hours set up and this is rewarded accordingly.

What part-time models are there?

The Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs has seven different part-time models compiled. Through this, every employee can have his own individual needs adapt to part-time and hours. For example, it is possible to work fewer hours on all working days or in principle fewer days per week to work. You can read about all the options in the following sections.

Part-time Classic - The 30 or 20-hour week

In the Classic model, the Hours daily reduced. Work is still going on five days a week. This means that the employee wins few hours of free time every day and can therefore, for example, pick up the children from kindergarten earlier or take care of the household.

The daily working hours remain as a result regularly and is determined in advance with the employer. The form of part-time offers itself above all in one 30 or 20 hour week at.

The part-time for a 30-hour week is spread over five days of the week, so six hours every day is being worked on. In addition, part-time work can be spread over a 20-hour week. In part-time, the hours are also based here five days of the week equally divided so that there are four working hours per day. The employee has a dayfour hours more free time than with a full-time position with 40 hours.

Part-time Classic Vario - part-time and full-time in combination

According to Employment Law the working hours in the case of part-time work do not have to be based on a specific one Structured scheme become. However, one or the other model can certainly be used when dividing the hours. Another model is the part-time Classic Vario. In the case of part-time, the hours in this model are based on two to five days distributed.

So are part time and full time can be combined with each other. Part-time employees can distribute their hours over the days of the week. At a 3-4 day week the weekly working time is, for example, 15 hours, which is divided into six hours, four hours and five hours. Thus, every day at least gained two hours of free time and per week result two days off completely.

If you work part-time 24 hours a week, you can work on the working hours four days of the week of six hours each split up. This gives you around two hours of free time every day and one day off per week.

Are you pending part-time work? 34 hours per week these can be spread over a 5-day week. This means, for example, that you work eight hours a day two days a week and six hours a day three days. The division is in any case Leave it to you and your employer and can be chosen freely.

Part-time job sharing - two employees share a full-time position

In this part-time model, two employees share self-reliant a full-time position.

The main advantage here is that employees also work part-time Full time project be able to take over and lead. In any case, one is important regular coordination as well as an exchange of information.

In the case of part-time work, dividing the hours between several employees is particularly useful for companies long service times at. In this way, better customer orientation can be guaranteed.

At the Job sharing can either be five days a week each time half day or two to four days a week in Part-time and full-time combined to be worked. With a weekly working time of 20 hours per person, these can be divided as follows:

  • five times four hours a week
  • twice eight hours and once four hours per week and two days off

If you are part-time the hours of one full-time job with another Share employees, by the way, you do not have to take over the other employee's working hours if the employee quits. In this case, the employer must look for a new employees look around to see who occupies this position.

If this is not possible or the workplace should be closed operational reasons be deleted, the boss may one Change notice pronounce. For you, this means that your employer will give you another one Part-time job or even offer a full-time position. Don't come across one common denominator, your boss may terminate you.

Job sharers cannot be required to do so at a Part-time employment to take over the hours of the other employee, the latter should due to illness fail. One is possible extended working hours for example, only if urgent operational conditions require it.

This is the case, for example, if, due to the loss of the part-time employee, the Production interrupted would have to be. In principle, however, the representation must be reasonable for the employee. For example, does a father have to look after the in the afternoon Taking care of his child because no one else can take care of it, he can not required to work in the afternoon become.

Part-time invest - saving the accumulated working hours

In this model, unchanged full-time worked. However, the employee is only paid for part-time employment. The difference is called Time or money credit saved in an account and can be used within several months of leave of absence be used. For example, the employee will have a Sabbatical enables.

Interesting: At a Sabbatical is it a longer special leave. As part of a break of several weeks or months, either a Trip or retraining be made. Also are Training measures conceivable in this period. Basically, a sabbatical should die Promote creativity and motivation as well as prevent burnout.

During the longer break from work The money that was worked out in advance is then paid out. Since the employee does not accumulate the hours part-time, but works full-time, this amounts to weekly working hours usually 40 hours.

If the employee wants to work out a four-month leave of absence, he must have a Period of four years 1/12 of the salary per year as Cash balance to save. An employee would like to have a whole year off, for example to do a World Travel to make, z. B. a working time of 30 hours per week can be agreed.

In fact, the employee does not work up Part time his hours, but also in this case works 40 hours a week in the company. That way he can a time credit of 10 hours per week record. The employee can take one year off after saving for three years.

As part of the part-time invest is also a early retirement conceivable. Here, too, a working time of 30 hours agreed, whereas Actually completed 40 hours per week become. This allows the employee to join within six years Time credit of two years save up so that he can retire two years earlier.

Part-time team - flexible working time planning in the group

The employer specifies how many employees present at certain times must be. The team can then plan the working hours together.

Also last-minute changes can be done at any time. This gives employees a lot Flexibility, in terms of planning the hours to be worked part-time.

This model is particularly useful in the customer focus because the load can be different at different times. So that all employees are fully utilized, the flexible division the working hours very good. In addition, it can be guaranteed that employees have several hours a day or entire days or weeks of free time. This is particularly useful after parental leave to get back to work.

Part-time season - compensation of over- and under-utilization

This form of working part-time is particularly useful in Seasonal operations at. Especially with seasonal work there are so-called High and low phases. For example, roofers in the Summer months needed rather than in winter months. The employer can do this so that there is no under-utilization Prevent layoffs.

With this part-time model, the costly search and training of new employees omitted. Employees are permanently covered by social insurance if they are released for more than three months Credit balance is present.

During the season the employee is in Employed full time. So he can out of season Months of free time win. The basic monthly salary remains the same throughout the year. There are two different variants of the Season part time:

  1. The employee works four months a year full-time. Then he has eight months off and gets every month ⅓ of the monthly full-time salary.
  2. The annual working time is twice three months a year. This also gives the employee three months' free time twice a year. Half of the monthly amount is paid out Full-time wages.

Part time home - working from home

In this form of part-time, the employee works his hours in Home office from. This eliminates the need for long journeys there and back, as well daily idle timesbecause work can be started straight away at home. Separate Working days in the company strengthen the bond with the company.

The working hours can be either on divided into five days be or as combined part-time and full-time serve for two to four days. This division of working hours means that several hours per day and even days per week can be used as leisure be won. Here, too, it can be agreed with the employer in advance when the part-time will be completed in hours at home.

This has the advantage for both employers and employees that a Agreement despite the distance is possible at any time. For example Core working hours be created. The employee must then z. B. be definitely at work from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. can be contacted.

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Part-time: How many hours can you work per week?
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