When do wolves become dangerous

Are wolves dangerous to humans?

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    Practical tips: This is how to behave correctly when encountering a wolf
    Wolves that grew up in the wild and live there are not fundamentally dangerous to humans according to all the knowledge that has been gathered around the world.

    As a rule, the wolf is afraid of humans. Although there are now 17,000 wolves in Europe and thus encounters between humans and wolves occur almost every day, these almost always go unnoticed by humans. There is not a single documented case in Central Europe of a human being attacked by a healthy, wild wolf. Hundreds of wolves also live largely unnoticed by humans in areas that are heavily used by tourists, such as the Italian Tuscany. Like any wild animal, the wolf naturally has the potential to be dangerous. Where there have been attacks in Europe, however, these were caused by humans or can be attributed to rabies (which has been eradicated in Austria for 10 years).

    What do I do when I meet wolves?

    Hardly anyone will notice when wolves are around. Even when the animals are right next to a hiking trail, they patiently wait for people to walk past them. Basically, one should keep calm when encountering wolves. Because normally a wolf that is discovered fled. But it can be that humans arouse the interest of wolves and wolves observe humans carefully. Only when wolves realize that they have been spotted do they usually disappear quickly and quietly.

    What do I do if I suspect damage from a wolf?

    If you suspect that damage to a pet, beehive, fish pond, etc. was caused by a large predator, please contact the responsible contact person in your state. You can find more information here:

    What do I do if I find a wolf?

    Here you can report your bear, wolf or lynx proof:

    More information about the wolf:

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