Which logo design software works

Best logo generators 2021

There are hundreds of logo design services out there who want your money - some claim to be free. But not all of these services provide a logo that looks professional. After all, you don't want a logo that looks like a child threw it together. But you don't want to go through a lengthy and complex process to get a product that meets all of your requirements.

Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. I have been a website designer for many years and I am part of the Website Planet team. I set myself the task of finding a new and the best logo for our website. That's why I have I tried all the major logo platforms myself and wanted to test where I can get the highest quality for the cheapest price.

All possible services on the market have been tested. These include platforms for freelancers, online logo generators, and websites that hold design competitions. I've used each service to create a real logo (and sometimes more than one). I was surprised at how little the relationship between cost and quality is. Well, at Fiverr, you can hire a decent designer for as little as $ 5. That's less than some DIY logo generators cost.

I have carefully examined each individual service and given points. Then they were rated, as you can see below. With a jump down you can find out more information about my methodology.

    • The lowest prices for a professional design
    • Work directly with an experienced designer
    • Get an individual logo that is actually completely unique

    I've worked with different designers on Fiverr and wanted to test what quality I can get for different prices. The bottom line is that I like how the platform works. There is a useful one Logo design search wizard. He will help you find the perfect designer for your project. You can look at the designers' profiles and get an idea for yourself by looking at previous work and reading through customer feedback. The messaging system works well and is fast.

    The really interesting thing about Fiverr, however, is the quality that you get for such little money. I'll admit I was skeptical at just $ 5 for a logo. I am a designer myself and I am not easily impressed. However, I was pleasantly surprised at what I got. This applies to both inexpensive designers and the more expensive “Fiverr Pro” that I hired. In any case, I have no problem using Fiverr for future projects.

    Why waste time on a DIY logo generator when you can hire someone to do the same job for less? Additionally you get an individual logo that will certainly not be used by anyone else. At such low prices, you could even hire different designers and hold a small “design competition” yourself.

    • Free logo for non-commercial use
    • Beginner-friendly drag and drop logo editor
    • Lots of symbols, fonts and colors to choose from

    Wix Logo Maker is a DIY tool that I really like. You may need to invest a little more time creating a logo that you really like. But the platform is really user-friendly - You don't have to have any design experience. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions and off you go. Then the Wix Logo Maker will create a few logos based on your personal preferences.

    The generated logos didn't trigger any storms of enthusiasm in me, but that was just the beginning. The logo generator offers all possible freedom. You can determine fonts and colors yourself and you can also help with positioning. Simply move the elements of your logo where you want them. Because the tool itself is completely free, you can create as many logos as you want. You don't have to pay anything as long as you are not satisfied with the result.

    If you only need an online logo for your own use and do not want to have it printed, you can Download your logo as a PNG file for free. You can use the free logo on your blog, your social media profiles or even on your YouTube channel.