Why are my skinny jeans loosening

Destroyed Jeans: With this trick, the holes do not tear open any further

As a self-confessed wearer of Destroyed Jeans, I can tell you a thing or two about it: After an eternal search, I have just found the perfect pants with the perfectly metered holes - I crouch down and Raaatsch! suddenly there are more holes than pants. And the formerly stylish destroyed jeans don't look so cool anymore.

So what am i doing? It feels like I run to H&M, Zara and Co. every few weeks to look for new ripped jeans. And watch the holes in my pants once again as they enlarge over and over again. Pretty stupid, isn't it?

But that's the end of it: there is a super simple trick that prevents your favorite jeans from tearing completely.

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What you need to save your destroyed jeans:

  • scissors
  • Iron-on patches in jeans look
  • Iron or straightener

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That's how it works:

1. Cut the iron-on patches into small rectangles.

2. Now turn your jeans inside out and place the cut-to-size patches on the edge of the torn areas.

3. Now you can either iron over the patch or take the straightening iron and hold it over the fabric for a few seconds.

From now on your destroyed jeans cannot tear any further and will stay as they are!

You can find out how you can easily make your own cool destroyed jeans here.

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