What is the best alternative wedding dresses

Investing in a wedding dress: alternatives to buying an expensive new one

The wedding dress belongs to the bride like the wedding ring to the finger. It is not uncommon for a lot of euros to be spent on the garment and it is often not just the dress: the right shoes, a jacket, accessories - and not to forget the veil! - also belong to the bride's outfit. Now, in principle, women only wear the dress once. But the best day of life is reason enough for many prospective wives to invest in their own wedding dress. For all those who would like to save money on the wedding dress, but still want to look unique, here are the best alternatives to buying a new one.


Like Mother like daughter …

It is common for the daughter to wear the wedding dress of her mother or even grandma at her wedding. The prerequisite is of course that it is in good condition and fits! Small changes can be made quickly by a tailor when in doubt. So if you're not necessarily chasing the latest wedding trends, your mother's wedding dress is not only an inexpensive alternative, but also expresses a particularly deep bond with the family. And since many fashion trends repeat themselves, it can even be that the maternal wedding dress is absolutely up-to-date!


Rent a wedding dress

If you are pragmatic, you can also borrow the wedding dress. There is a bridal wear shop in every big city. In addition to the rental and cleaning fee, there is usually a deposit that is only returned if the dress is undamaged. If you want to borrow a dress, you will find many models and variants, in some shops even changes and adjustments are possible for an extra charge. In terms of costs, the range is wide, it all depends on what kind of dress you want. Whichever you choose, you have to be aware of one thing: You can't keep it after the wedding!



Many women choose to sell their wedding dress, often a few years after their wedding. Especially if you spent a lot of money on it at the time. If you're looking for a used wedding dress, you can find real bargains. There are shops for second-hand bridal wear or internet platforms. If you are looking for something special, you should be familiar with the current new prices so that you do not end up digging too deep into your pocket. Of course, you should try the dress on before buying. Therefore, it makes sense to look for a saleswoman in the area. A little tip: There can be a thousand different reasons why a woman sells her wedding dress, often there is simply no longer an emotional connection to the once precious piece. If you can't stop imagining how, when and by whom this dress has already been worn and why it should now be sold, you better opt for an outfit that is as good as new.

Brave little Tailor

Take a leisurely look through your circle of acquaintances: Do you know someone who has learned to tailor? Even hobby seamstresses can do a lot and might give you a special price. Then you not only have a very individual dress, but also a fair price. There are also many countries where you can get cheap clothes made for you. For example, if you happen to be in Vietnam and know you're getting married soon, stop by the small town of Hoi An. The dressmakers there are incredibly fast and good - and the prices are really low. Of course there are also some black sheep, so you should thoroughly check the shop, the fabrics and the range. There are good and cheap tailors in many other Southeast Asian countries as well as in Eastern Europe.

Dresses make brides

Whether used, inherited, tailored or borrowed - it is important that you feel comfortable in the dress. Every woman is different. Some want their own piece of jewelry, which will stay in the closet as a lifelong memory and maybe passed on to their own daughter. For others, the wedding dress is just one of many wedding utensils that makes its grand entrance on this one day and then no longer fulfills any special function. Everyone has to decide for themselves!