Can we use the national flag for advertising?

Can I actually? Raising flags: rules for private flagging

Raising flags - everyone is allowed to do that in their own garden. The German flag and other national flags are also allowed. Nevertheless, a few rules must be observed for correct flagging, not least to avoid arguments with neighbors or the landlord.

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Garden or balcony: where can I hoist flags?

On his own land In principle, anyone can set up a flagpole and hoist flags or flags on it, i.e. attach them to the pole and pull them up. Football fans like to do this with the flag of their favorite club. This is allowed, even if the neighbor may not like it.

Before you put a flagpole up, you should consider a few Basic rules and, if necessary, inquire with the responsible authorities. For example, local building codes stipulate how high a flagpole may be on private property. The mast must set in concrete or otherwise firmly anchored in the ground so that it cannot fall over in a storm.

You are on the safe side if you also have yours direct neighbors inform in advance that you want to erect a flagpole. Not everyone is happy when a tall mast suddenly stands right next to their garden fence without notice.

Tenant should take care of them when attaching flags and banners do not interfere with the building fabric, So, for example, dowel a bracket into the facade. The landlord must be asked in advance.

The flag must not be so big that it The neighbors or otherwise restricts it - and it must be securely fastened so that it does not tear off and endanger others.

Flagging rules: which national flags are allowed to be hoisted?

In addition to fun flags of all kinds, you can also hoist national flags on your property, for example the Germany flag. In simple black, red and gold, private individuals are allowed to use them. German flags on which additionally a Coat of arms or federal eagle can be seen, however, are official service flags that only federal agencies are allowed to use. Anyone who disregards this commits an administrative offense.

Also Flags of other nationalities may be hoisted on private property in Germany - also in the neutral version without additional coats of arms or symbols. To be on the safe side, if you want to do this, you should inquire whether the state in question allows you to fly your national flag outside your own country.

Which flags are banned?

It is also forbidden to raise flags on private property that are political extremist or national socialist reference or on which corresponding symbols can be seen.

In other cases it is more a matter of taste whether a flag is allowed or can be banned. A family from Chemnitz successfully defended themselves in court in 2011 Ban on their landlord, one Pirate flag to hang in the window. The landlord was of the opinion that the skull with an eye patch deterred potential new tenants. He therefore also demanded compensation from the tenants. First of all, he got it right before the local court.

The Chemnitz Regional Court finally decided on appeal: It was clearly a flag for children that looked harmless enough and was therefore reasonable. The tenants were allowed to continue to use the flag (AZ 6 S 27/11).

Correct use of flags

According to the general Flag ethics should national flags treated with dignity as they are symbolic of the respective state. The same applies to the German flag: it must not be smeared or otherwise vilified. In addition, national flags should fly freely on the mast and not on the floor rest.

For the Flagging public buildings in Germany there are a number of very precise regulations. These regulate, for example:

  • when must be flagged, for example on national holidays such as October 3rd
  • how and in what order different flags have to be placed
  • when flags are set to half-mast in bereavement or may be provided with a black ribbon

Private individualswho hoist their own flags can orientate themselves, but are not obliged to do so. The basic rule, according to which flags can only be hoisted from sunrise to sunset or must be illuminated at night, also applies to private individuals not an imperative represent.

  • Private individuals are allowed to hoist flags in their own garden if they do not show forbidden symbols and have no corresponding reference.
  • The landlord can ban some flags, but must have a good reason to do so.
  • The German flag may be used privately, but without additional coats of arms and symbols.
  • National flags must be treated with dignity.

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