Why is humanity so terrible

Why is this world so terrible? #AleppoBrennt

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We watch in shock and speechless as the Syrian people are slaughtered one after the other. Anger, sadness and incomprehension arise in me when I look at the pictures from Aleppo and other cities. Dead children, women and men shape the streets of Syria. Videos from Aleppo, the houses have been destroyed. The people standing by are either injured, dead or lying on the street burning. A shattering scream that penetrates the whole body and lasts throughout the video, although it fluctuates but still feels the same, can be heard. 52 seconds, I can't stand watching the video that Kenan Rahmani posted on Facebook any longer. It's awful - worse than any nightmare I could imagine. So horrible that we decided not to link the video here - it has since been removed from Facebook too. The video shows what has been my greatest fear since I can remember: powerless and incapable of acting, waiting for violent death without any means of influence. Aleppo is in a situation that I cannot understand. I cannot understand what the people there have to go through. I cannot understand how inactive and tacitly the rest of the “world community” watches as such great suffering is brought to a multitude of people. It is incomprehensible how countries are exploiting the Syrian situation to make political profit from it. It is not understandable how a friend of mine must feel who is still related in Aleppo, but has not had any contact with her since his escape. . It is not understandable how Germany and other militarily important states can delight in this suffering in order to make economic profit from it.

How is our complicity, whether through silence or a lack of intervention, morally justifiable even to the point? How can important German politicians sleep peacefully while Aleppo is razed to the ground? How can you be so damn selfish and at the same time pose as a beneficent Samaritan? Why was the news aftershock to Paris so much bigger than the current news coverage of Aleppo? Why does the headline "#Aleppobrennt" not immediately jump into my eye in font size> 470,000 (when around 470,000 people were killed in the civil war in Syria by February 2016 - since then the number has increased. And why do I only have one Friend on Facebook who has changed his profile picture to a red area? The red profile picture is meant to not forget the dead in the Syrian war and the desire for an end to the war. After Paris, everyone managed to change their profile picture. Why not for Syria? Why is our society so indifferent to the dead outside of western European and North American countries? Which right are we actually taking out of it?

I ask myself these questions every day - unfortunately I cannot find any satisfactory answers to them. The more I think about them, the angrier and sadder I get and the more desperate I get. I can't find a solution and it hurts my heart. I want to find a solution, but I can't do it. With every further dead child, with every further dead woman, with every further dead man that I see in pictures from Syria, I once again have the feeling that someone is ramming a knife into my upper body. For a brief moment, I literally take my breath away. Every corpse that I see in a picture from Syria puts me in a state of shock and I feel like I am in a bad nightmare from which I cannot escape. My greatest wish is to stop the killing in this world and as this is unrealistic, at least to stop the killing of civilians. When soldiers, terrorists and confused people blow each other up on the battlefields of this world, that's bad enough, but leave the civilians alone!