What are the different categories of tests

Corona pandemic PCR tests, quick tests and self tests - questions and answers

According to the pharmacists' association, corona rapid tests will probably only be possible in a few Saxon pharmacies. Association spokeswoman Kathrin Quellmalz gave a strict hygiene concept as the reason. There must be a separate entrance and a dedicated, well-ventilated room for the tests.

What jobs offer free Rapid antigen tests on?

In principle, all participating medical practices, pharmacies and test centers could offer the free rapid tests. However, this is not yet possible across the board for a number of reasons.

  • Test centers have to order the materials themselves. So far there has been little time for that.
  • In some cases, there should have been delivery failures in the free rapid tests.
  • Pharmacies must register with the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians in Saxony (KVS) in order to be able to bill the tests there later. According to statements from pharmacists, some registration applications have not yet been completed.
  • Test centers can determine the start of the free tests themselves.

The KVS therefore advises those willing to test to call doctors and pharmacies and ask whether free tests are offered.

How do you check that there is only one free test per person per week?

According to the Ministry of Social Affairs in Saxony, a control - for example using a database - is not planned.

Who can perform the rapid antigen tests?

As a rule, these rapid tests may only be carried out by healthcare professionals. That's why not everyone can buy them. In the meantime, however, they are also used in schools, daycare centers and companies. However, the prerequisite for use is that the staff taking the smear is trained.

How can I prove a negative rapid test?

According to the decision of the federal-state conference on March 3, there should be a certificate of the test result. It is issued either by the test center or by resident doctors or other authorized "third parties" who carry out a rapid test. The Free State has drawn up a corresponding form that is to be used.

What if my rapid antigen test is positive?

If the rapid test is positive, a PCR test must always be carried out. This is important to confirm the result. The family doctor or 116 117 should be contacted for this. Until the laboratory result of the PCR test is available, those affected must go into quarantine. In addition, everyone who belongs to the household is asked to reduce their contacts. The procedure is regulated in the general decrees for the segregation of the rural districts and independent cities.

Do I have to report a positive rapid antigen test?

Positive results from rapid antigen tests carried out by trained personnel must be reported.

Do the results of the rapid tests flow into the statistics of the authorities and the RKI?

No, only the PCR tests evaluated in the laboratory are taken into account in the statistics of the offices and the Robert Koch Institute.

Are there enough self-tests?

No, not so far. It is expected, however, that the offer will increase, since the tests of several companies have now been approved. According to its own statements, the federal government has secured more than 200 million self-tests so far. The Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices has published a list of approved self-tests.

Where can I buy the self-tests?

The self-tests can be bought in pharmacies, supermarkets and drug stores.

Who bears the cost of the self-tests?

Self-tests, i.e. quick lay tests for self-application, must be paid for privately.

How do the self-tests work?

So far, the Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices has approved tests for at home that work via a smear in the lower nasal area. But there are also self-tests for gargling, spitting or sucking. They are easier for laypeople to use than the normal rapid antigen tests, which require a deep nasal or throat swab.