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The Avalanche wallet hangs for 6 hours after the start of Airdrop Snapshot - Altcoins

Cryptocurrency Avalanche, the first cryptocurrency to implement the Avalanche Consensus, had a service outage yesterday when their web wallet was down for six hours. This was the result of severe congestion due to an air drop performed by AvaLaunch, leaving users with no control over their funds for that period.

Avalanche Web Wallet stops after Avalaunch Airdrop

The Avalanche Web Wallet, the official AVAX cryptocurrency wallet, crashed yesterday, leaving customers unchecked their chips for six hours. According to official reports from status.avax.network

, the site that monitors the status of every component on the Avalanche network, the outage started at 18:05 UTC when nodes in the web wallet started to know u increase API traffic greatly. After some users complained about not being able to see the access credit in the wallet, it was put into maintenance mode at 18: 4 UTC because:

The problem is caused

This isn't the first bump on the road

This is not the first problem that the avalanche severely affected the network. In February, part of the network was practically shut down

, because the systems on which a cross-bridge is executed were heavily loaded when the Pangolin Exchange, the first decentralized exchange in the blockchain, was started. The bug triggered invalid tokens in one of the chains and prevented users from accessing their money and making transactions for more than 30 hours.

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