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Traveling alone as a woman - more difficult than for men?

For many, it goes without saying that men travel alone. However, the fact that women are doing the same is often a source of amazement or concern. But is Travel alone as a woman really heavier or different than for men? What is important?




1) Traveling alone as a woman: Prejudices and headwinds among friends


The first difficulty women traveling alone are more likely than men to face is this Headwind from the social environment.

The fact that men can move freely anywhere in the world, but women cannot, is probably one of the main assumptions for this headwind. prejudicesMany people say that traveling alone is far more dangerous for a woman than for a man, or that a woman can be less independent.

This is especially difficult when the criticism comes from people who are very close to you. From your partner, parents or close friends. You don't want to worry them, and if you're not sure whether you dare to travel alone, it's quicker to give in.

In my experience, however, many more people today face the decision to travel alone as a woman with a lot Respect, appreciation, interest. Maybe even more if you know for yourself that traveling alone is good for you and how many advantages it brings with it. You then radiate this security. Yes, traveling alone as a woman is often admired and perceived as positive. Both in your own country and in other countries.

Traveling alone as a woman can therefore initially take some effort if there is a lack of understanding and openness in the environment. Anyone who dares and stands by it will also find a lot and often encouragement afterwards.



2) Traveling alone as a woman: The matter of cultures and positions of women


Let's take it by name: unfortunately, equality for women is still not a matter of course today. In many cultures around the world, women are still assigned the role of the reserved housewife. There are norms for clothing, behavior and their position in society.

Often in these cultures there are also clear rules for men - such as treating a woman with respect - but sometimes they are less strongly condemned when “stepping out of line”.

What does that mean for traveling alone as a woman?

It means we women have to before a trip a little better to inform. We have to adapt our clothing style, sometimes change it significantly. We may have to reduce some of our openness because conversations with strange men are considered disrespectful. And maybe we are not fully taken by the local men.

This quickly gives the impression that traveling alone as a woman brings with it much more difficulties and limitations than traveling alone for a man.

Indeed, on a number of points it is. As a woman, you can be easy do not move in any country like at home.

But even as a man you often have to throttle your openness in these countries, because the other way round you shouldn't address strangers. Even a man shouldn't be walking around town in shorts or a tank top. Even a man doesn't get everything he wants when he travels.

In MoroccoFor example, I made the experience that as a woman traveling alone, I could still move around the country completely safely, even if I had to and wanted to adjust my clothing style.




3) Traveling alone as a woman: The thing about fear and security


I believe women are often more fearful than men about security issues. You may just feel weaker (especially physically) or not very adventurous.

Wherever it comes from, I believe that traveling alone as a woman is more frequent and with more fears can be connected. But how much is there in the confused concerns and worries? In my opinion and experience, often not much.

This word is always floating like a bad omen "Rape" over our heads. It's actually a shame that it controls us like this: We are afraid of the dark, we are afraid of running home alone, we are afraid of the men who speak to us. It is only because of this one threat that might lurk out there that we face many situations with fear. Just because we are women.

I keep this extreme concern for totally unjustified. Yes, there are negative examples. There are women to whom something unpleasant happens and of course it is not to be taken lightly. But hey: why should you be more at risk when traveling than at home? To believe that people elsewhere are crueler, disrespectful, or mean is plain and simple naive and wrong.

And then again: men are more likely to encounter difficulties elsewhere that we women escape. For example, they are more likely to get knocked down in the club - I've really seen that before. Or the police take tough action against them, women are overlooked a lot. If they stopped celebrating or taking to the streets because of that, that would no longer be life either.

Women traveling alone are also often taken under their wing by locals, as a man you have to fight your way through alone.

Therefore: Fear when traveling is mutually not helpful. It is enough, even when traveling alone as a woman, to be attentive. This also opens up a lot better to good experiences.




4) Traveling alone as a woman: contact with locals and other travelers


Is contact with other locals and travelers more difficult for women traveling alone than for men traveling alone?

Traveling alone as a woman encounters rules in some countries that differ significantly from those at home. I already mentioned that. In these countries, for example, it can be very difficult for a woman traveling alone Contact with local men to build up. Either because they then quickly interpret too much into the contact, or simply because it doesn't belong in the local culture.

On the other hand, men in these cultures often have the same problem - contact with local women can be more difficult for them.

But as a tourist you have a few free tickets. The locals know and understand very well that things don't go the same everywhere and that you, as a traveler, don't go with everyone Norms and customs can be familiar. Which, of course, doesn't mean that you should consciously ignore them.

At the Contact with other travelers on the other hand, even as a woman traveling alone, I have never had any problems or experienced them in the environment. Everyone is the same here, everyone is a traveler, differences in age, origin, culture or gender do not play a role at all.




5) Traveling alone as a woman: The thing about the gut feeling


Okay, clichés are stupid, I know! But to this one I almost entrust my safety when traveling: women have a strong one Gut feeling. Intuition if you will. And in my experience, they are more likely to listen to it than men, who by and large prefer to rely on rational, tangible explanations.

And that puts you in an advantageous position as a woman traveling alone when traveling. You can judge more quickly whether you feel comfortable in a situation or not. Mind you, without submitting to confused fears. And instead of convincing yourself otherwise, you may actually avoid these awkward situations - and possibly worse.

Studies show that decisions that are made intuitively make us happier in the long term than decisions that we weigh rationally and ultimately even decide against our gut instinct. In any case, this shows that our intuition sends us important signals and serves a purpose.

Traveling alone as a woman therefore encounters a strength that we may have better than men: We tend to listen to oursnatural warning and decision-making systemwhich can often protect us.



Closing words


If you look closely at the difficulties women have to overcome when traveling alone, it is noticeable that they are not so dissimilar to the difficulties men have. Travel alone as a woman may require a greater effort at the beginning. During the trip, however, both women and men should be attentive, but open, and not be driven by fears. In that way it is Solo travel for women just as possibleas for men.


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What do you think - is it more complicated to travel as a woman traveling alone? Perhaps you have already traveled on your own and had to overcome obstacles that would not have existed for a man? Traveling alone as a woman - difficult or light as a feather? How does it feel to you

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