What software does Warner Bros Animation use

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Toon Boom is innovative software that allows you to create animation and storyboarding. Toon Booms Software enables you to design and create professional, industrial-quality graphics. The Canada-based company has been used by many well-known animation producers such as Disney, Nickelodeon, and Warner Bros. Animation, among others.

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Toon Booms Software has all the tools to create high quality animation graphics.

Toon Boom was used to create animation for some of the most popular TV shows and movies. For example, Family Member, The Simpsons Movie, Futurama, Curious George, The Lion Watch, and So Many More Productions have made use of the great features of Toon Boom's animation software.

Harmony : A complete 2D animation solution for everyone from animation enthusiasts to studio animators. This software was used for projects like Bob's Burgers. This solution is easy to use and delivers professional results. With a full suite of tools you can perform all kinds of animation functions. Harmony 14, the latest version, was released in July 2016.

You can try any version of Harmony for free with a 21 day trial. There are three different versions of Harmony, depending on your needs and budget:

  • Harmony Essentials Available for $ 15 a month.
  • Harmony Advanced: This subscription offers more tools for $ 38 per month.
  • Harmony Premium: The most complete animation software available for $ 78 per month.

Storyboard Pro : You can creatively tell a story with this animation software. It is used by many professional studios to develop storylines and utilize several creative tools to develop 2D and 3D animation sequences. You can import script, audio, images, and other creative elements to complete a plot. The full suite of tools is comprehensive and lets you use your artistic talent.

Toon Boom can be used by professionals, students, and even hobbyists.

Toon Boom Applications

The options for Toon Boom apps are endless. The software can be used for animation films, advertising, game development, mobile applications and more. You can use the tools to freely sketch characters and scenery. With the ability to add shadow, depth, and movement, you can add as many elements as you want.

The export tools also make it easy to publish your work in various formats to suit your individual situation.

Toon Boom has an extensive library of how-to video tutorials that will help you get the most out of your products.

Toon Boom Support and Forums

Toon Boom has support and online forums to help you out if you have any problems with your products. In addition, you can ask questions and get answers on their online forums. Toon Boom also has an extensive knowledge base that you can use to search for troubleshooting tips and find solutions to problems in their searchable database of articles.

Toon Boom also has a storefront where you can post work for the world. Convince yourself of animation ideas or post something that you are particularly proud of.