How do I strengthen my courage

Be brave: this is how you get braver (a guide)

- Anais Nin

When was the last time you were really brave?

How long has it been since you really challenged yourself?

When was the last time you did something that took a lot of courage?

- (pause for reflection) -

Hm? A long time ago?

You always read diligently here, but you haven't really implemented a lot of all of this yet?

Then, my dear friend, it's time to take first gear and face your tasks. Because one thing is certain: there are no results without action.

I repeat:

No action -> no results

I know ... I know ... Your challenges are extra difficult ... You have already tried a couple of times but ... they just require enormous courage and you can't muster that yet ...

Well my friend, do not despair, because that is exactly why I am writing here for you!

Table of Contents

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Be brave - What it does NOT mean

What is courage anyway? What does being brave actually mean?

It seems to me that a lot of people have the wrong idea of ​​what being brave actually means ...

Some believe that someone is brave when they sweep the motorway at 250 km / h or jump a parachute and only pull the rip cord at the last moment. However, that has little to do with courage. It is rather the search for an external "kick" and very often means that this person is inside empty and unfulfilled feels.

Take the same person and tell them to approach their dream woman / man and in 9 out of 10 cases they will look embarrassed in the air. Hah, where has the courage suddenly gone?

Being brave doesn't mean holding your hand in the fire and slowly counting to ten. Or balancing on the railing of a motorway bridge. This is just STUPID.

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What is courage really?

To be brave means:

  • to do something that will advance you in life, even though you are afraid of it
  • Knowing the risks of a project and realizing that nothing really bad can happen to you
  • ignoring your internal alarm sirens trying to keep you in your comfort zone
  • to act ALTHOUGH you are afraid


To be brave does not mean not to be afraid! To be brave means to walk right through fear.

Whether your action is brave or not also depends entirely on your individual point of view:

If you have never spoken up at school or in your studies / job, then your first response is courageous. Or if you voluntarily give a lecture despite mega stage fright ...

The first time you approach a stranger out of the blue on the street, that's brave.

If you just try something completely new (e.g. liquorice ice cream), then you are brave.

So don't let others give you a definition of what is brave and what is not. Make your own definition. If you've done something that took courage, pat yourself on the shoulder and be proud of yourself.

You are brave!

Become braver step by step - that's how it works

But enough of the definitions ... You've probably been wondering: "How the hell am I getting bolder now?"

The answer:

Start with tiny things and increase slowly, step by step. And that every day. Continuously.

Personal change takes time. Especially when it comes to becoming more courageous and learning to deal with your fear - you can't practice enough. So try to challenge yourself a little every day.

That can mean:

The great thing about it is that you can practice it all day. All you have to do is get out on the street and you're good to go. The possibilities to challenge yourself and grow are unlimited. The only thing it takes is your will!

Once you get into action, you will notice the following:

The more you face these tiny challenges, the easier it will be for you. And the easier it is for you to find these tiny challenges, the easier it is for you to tackle the next bigger challenges. And so on…


Courage gives courage

Every time you overcome yourself and show courage, you will become stronger and more confident.

You can imagine it like a plant:

  • if you water a plant regularly, it will grow - just like your courage if you give it you train daily
  • Every now and then you can give your plant an extra growth spurt with fertilizer - the fertilizer corresponds slightly bigger courage actions
  • pouring a whole bucket of water on your courage plant at once doesn't do anything - avoid so some grandiose ones Quick actionthat in the worst case even demotivate you if they go wrong
  • take care rather with small continuous actions for your courage - because if you don't take care of it, it will die just like the plant

For example, when I lie down on the street (see video), then of course for a short time I get an enormous boost in self-confidence and feel more courageous. Two days later (if I haven't done anything in the meantime), the feeling disappears quickly and my everyday reactions are just as brave / cowardly as before.

So remember:

Quick action can briefly boost your self-confidence. But they only bring you something if you support them with smaller, brave actions on a daily basis.

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Do I have to do courage exercises every day now?

Does that mean you have to work on yourself every day all your life? Depends on! If you don't want to rust, then yes!

However, you will have more and more fun with it! You will gradually reach a stable level of self-confidence that will not go away anytime soon.

It is very likely that in this state you will face completely new challenges and achieve goals that you would never have dared to dream of before!

As I said: courage gives courage. And once you have reached a corresponding level, it will be much easier for you to deal with your fear and leave your comfort zone.

Brave the action: a few suggestions for you

Because theory is necessary, but alone does not lead to change, here comes the all-important price question:

What tiny thing can you still do today that requires a little courage?

How, you can't think of anything? Let me give you a hand:

  • Take to the street and ask at least 3 people for the time
  • Do a handstand on the street
  • Intentionally speak 10% louder
  • Clap your hands properly three times (on the street or elsewhere)
  • Go to the neighbor and invite him for a cup of tea
  • Ask at a kiosk if you can get something for free

And here you will find a lot more exercises: 30 exercises for more self-confidence

Did you pick out a little thing? Yes? Wonderful! Then start growing your courage plant today.

And I say goodbye with the words:

So fresh! Brave to work! Because the world belongs to the brave!

PS: To really get started, get my book. It contains all the essential ways of thinking and tips that have helped me extremely in the course of my development, to stand up for myself courageously and to tackle new things easily and to see them through to the end.