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Ifo Institute: USA and allies less united since Trump than before

"The correspondence rate between the USA and the other states of the West is around 7 percentage points lower under Donald Trump than under previous US presidents," write Ifo researchers Martin Mosler and Niklas Potrafke, heads of the Ifo Center for Public Finance and Political Economy.

The ifo researchers differentiate their results according to country groups. The agreement between the US and the other G7 countries fell from 64.0 percent before the Trump presidency to 56.8 percent. The agreement with the NATO countries fell even more sharply - from 61.3 percent to 53.4 percent. The decline was smaller compared to the OECD countries: from 58.7 to 52.0 percent.

The match rate between the United States and Germany fell from 64.7 percent to 53.6 percent. The rate fell particularly sharply, by 14 percentage points, in the United Kingdom: from 74.1 to 60.2 percent. In the case of Israel, however, the agreement rose from 81.0 to 93.2 percent.

"The differences in voting are particularly pronounced for NATO partners and for resolutions on topics in the Near and Middle East," write Mosler and Potrafke. “One could also assume that left-wing governments in particular are less in agreement with the United States. However, our empirical results do not support this assumption. "


Mosler, Martin / Potrafke, Niklas, International Relations under Donald Trump - Evidence on Voting Behavior between the United States and the West in the UN General Assembly, Ifo Schnelldienst 1/2020

Mosler, Martin / Potrafke, Niklas, International Political Alignment during the Trump Presidency: Voting at the UN General Assembly, Ifo Working Paper No. 320, 2020