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A question of feelings?

I don't know if that will help you, but I can tell you how it was for me, I have some experience with the subject: When I met my girlfriend, I was incredibly in love with her, but I'm still mine Ex hung out (I broke up after she cheated on me, that flowed over into my new relationship). With my ex I had a kind of free relationship, which means we had sex with others more often, and that worked out well - until the end, then everything escalated a bit.

Anyway, I was really taken with my new girlfriend and spent a lot of time with her, but we waited some time before having the first sex. At the beginning I wanted to explain to her that a long-term relationship with me is difficult because I still want to experience so much sexually before I finally commit to someone. I wouldn't have had a problem if she had slept with someone else because I know that just sex can be and that a healthy relationship has to be based on a lot more.

But after 6 months of relationship something happened and I can't exactly describe what - suddenly I feel a really deep bond with her and I don't care about any other women, including my ex. Sex with others suddenly seemed uninteresting. But at the same time something unpleasant happened: I became insanely jealous and the thought that she would sleep with someone else bothers me a lot. Luckily we are monogamous at the moment - but I thought about it for a long time.

Then it occurred to me how it was with my ex: The jealousy only set in when she started to sleep "openly" with someone else (we just didn't talk about it before). Means I suddenly felt vulnerable in my position as her boyfriend, I was afraid of losing her. It's the same with my new girlfriend - now that she seems irreplaceable to me, I'm really scared of losing her.

So my tip: think twice about it. Often it is the only way to go if you feel like you still have to experience (like your girlfriend apparently does), but loves your partner too much to just saw them off. But even if you have agreed on a solution - it can happen that the bad feelings suddenly grow in you, and such jealousy can really gnaw on you. However, a really strong relationship will get over such problems with enough effort and time.

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