What is meant by society


A beggar in a German city: he holds up a cap and hopes that people will throw some money into it. When someone is very poor, it is said that they are on the margins of society. But he is one of them too.

Society is all human. This can mean humanity or just a group of people. There is, for example, the German society and the French society. It's not just about a lot of people: people in a society often know each other and they do something together.

The science that deals with society is called sociology. She asks questions such as: Who exactly is part of a society? Does a society still consist of smaller parts? Are there many or few children in a society? How does a society change and how does it change?

A society is not the same as the state: the state has organs that can decide something. The Bundestag, for example, is a state body that makes laws. Societies cannot do that. But in society there are people and groups who can do something for many or for all. If a city no longer pays for a library or a theater, there might be an association to take over.

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