Where can I get pearl ring jewelry

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There are things that we loved as children and that still immediately trigger that carefree childhood feeling in us: familiar Christmas carols that sound softly when baking cookies, freshly made vanilla pudding, the smell of recently mown grass and the chirping of crickets in summer.

Rockberries.com design real jewelry yourself

For little girls, homemade pearl necklaces are definitely a part of it. Pearls that we pulled in different colors on threads of different lengths with the patience of an angel and proudly presented to our mothers. How did we love our colorful pearls and feel so grown up. At some point this time ends and fake pearls are somehow not so popular anymore.

But the desire for individuality and our own jewelry creations remains somewhere in us. Jewelry in itself is a beautiful gift. Homemade jewelry is an individual and unique gift to ourselves or to our loved ones.

On jewelry portals such as Pearlfection (www.pearlfection.de), Julie & Grace (www.Julie-Grace.de) and Rockberries (www.rockberries.com), big girls can create their own jewelry with real ingredients: jewelry made of pearls, stones, gold and silver, fasteners, ribbons, etc. put together yourself and adapt to your individual taste. There are hardly any limits to creativity here. If you don't have this, you can also buy great finished pieces of jewelry at Rockberries, e.g. earrings, bracelets, necklaces or rings.

The first two portals mentioned have been on the market since 2008. The Munich-based company Rockberries is currently going through its first Christmas business.

Actually intended for undecided men, but if desired also suitable for finding their own style is the category “Men only” on Rockberries.com, in which HE can describe YOU, e.g. which her favorite color is, which zodiac sign she has or for which occasion something is given shall be. A selection of pieces of jewelry that are intended to underline the individual type are presented.

My conclusion: In addition to self-created perfumes and creams, self-made jewelry is a nice Christmas present off the beaten track of the mainstream.

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