Who does Zara belong to

These well-known brands belong to Inditex: Zara, Pull & Bear, Bershka and Co.

The H&M group is now so big that many did not even know exactly that too COS, Monki and Co. belong to it. But it is similar with stores like Zara, Pull & Bear and Bershka. They all belong to a large group that includes some of our most popular brands and stores available in Germany: the Spanish Inditex Group.

The Inditex Group - This group is behind the favorite brands

The Inditex Group has been one of the largest textile companies in the world for years and is not even that well known in Germany under this name. We only listen when we hear brand names like Pull & Bear or Stradivarius. In particular, a brand of Inditex group is one of the most popular fashion brands in Germany. It is very clear Zara and the one that goes with it too Zara Home. Here, fashion-loving people of all ages can pursue the latest fashion trends - and at fair prices. The company was founded in 1963 and is still family-owned today. The group now has 7,000 stores in over 96 countries. Here you can find out which brands we also know in Germany belong to the Inditex Group.

These brands belong to Inditex

Over the past few decades, the Inditex groupe launched a variety of fashion brands that cover every price and age range. From the trendy and hip Pull & Bear to the classic Zara brand to the slightly more upscale Massimo Dutti. We have summarized all brands of the Inditex Group for you.


One of the most famous fashion brands in Germany is the Spanish chain Zara. With most branches in Germany, Zara is one of the top-selling group in the fashion sector and therefore also one of Inditex's most successful labels. Men, women and children can find affordable fashion trends here. From unusual creations to chic workwear to great seasonal pieces, everyone will find something at Zara.

Zara Home

In addition to the fashion sector, Zara has also been covering the fashion sector for some time Interior sector from. Real living dreams can be fulfilled here with great trends relating to furnishing. Whether crockery, bathroom decorations, beautiful bed linen or pieces of furniture such as chairs and the like, you will find everything your heart desires here. The pieces are classic, kept in simple colors and made of high quality materials. In addition, they are still in the middle price range, so that everyone can afford the beautiful pieces from the Zara Home collection.


One of the newer brands in the Inditex group is Oysho. Oysho is the first label of the Inditex Group that mainly sells accessories. Here you can find everything from the field of lingerie, sportswear, jewelry, shoes, swimwear and nightwear. Oysho attaches great importance to beautiful and comfortable materials so that their swimwear and nightwear are great wearing comfort. As well as Zara and Zara Home is moving Oysho in the middle price segmentt in the fashion sector.

Massimo Dutti

Similar to COS of the H&M group is Massimo Dutti the somewhat more sophisticated label of the Inditex group. Massimo Dutti stands for simple elegance for men and women clothing. Here you can find everything from high-quality accessories to chic everyday clothing. So far there are only a few Massimo Dutti stores in Germany, but more are being planned. The price segment here is slightly higher than, for example, with Zara and Oysho.


Comparable to Bershka is also Stradivarius on a younger and trendy target group aligned. In contrast to the super hip Bershka store, Stradivarius has more earthy tones and beautiful everyday clothes. The Stradivarius Stores almost remind you of a day at the beach with airy, light clothing and accessories that give customers a holiday feeling. In terms of price, Stradivarius, like Bershka, is in the lower price segment for clothing.


Bershka is probably the trendiest brand of Inditex group and is primarily intended to appeal to the younger generation. Large areas of the stores are very hip and you feel a bit like in a cool bar. Here, young people find everything they need to know about shoes trendy accessories and clothes everything. Bershka deliberately wants to address a young, urban target group. Glittering and shiny colors as well as unusual fashion predominate here, but basics and everyday clothing are also available. That is why they are among the cheapest shops in the Inditex group. Here you can find a whole outfit for less than 50 euros.


Uterqü is one of the newer brands of the Inditex Group and was only launched in 2008. It aims Uterqü rather on the more sophisticated fabrics and materials, such as silk and leather. This is also intended to appeal to a more upscale target group of fashion buyers. Uterqü does not have any stores in Germany yet, but this is to come in the future.

Maybe there was one or the other store there that is still worth discovering for you. In any case, we wish you a lot of fun shopping.


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