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6 truths that would have made my life better as a teenager

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Your heart will heal.

1. You don't always have to be happy.

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Some days you wake up and find no reason to get out of bed. Some days things go wrong: you will fail a test and the boy who makes your heart beat faster will pick another girl with blond hair and straighter teeth. On some days everything goes like clockwork: you will pass the test with flying colors, and the boy's heart will beat just as fast as yours when he looks at you. But even on the good days you still don't want to get up. Even the "good" days can be bad.

Know that you will have inexplicable lows that you cannot explain the origin of. Know that there are names for your ailments, and those names are depression and anxiety. You are not a freak. And you are definitely not alone with it. Know that people love you very much and care about you, even when you can't see it.

Know that it's getting better. And then it gets worse. And then it gets better. Know that every day is different. But More than anything, you should be aware that you are valuable every day.

2. Your body is beautiful.

© Marcos Roberto Jorge Junior / Via pexels.com

Your body is beautiful because it is different and is yours. Your body will never be exactly what you want - you will never be big enough, small enough or thin enough.

But your body is beautiful because it's what you got. And it is a body that you have to love and will learn to love. It is a body that will win races and swim in the Pacific. It is a body that will make you laugh heartily at a good joke and make you dance to your favorite song. You can spend hours, days, or months wishing yourself someone else. Or instead, realize how damn happy you can be that you have the body that you were born with.

It is a body that you may not love now, but one day you will.

3. You will never fully understand life.

© Alexander Shustov / Via tumblr.unsplash.com

You will never look at your life knowing for sure that you are doing it right. You will wonder if you live in the right place, if you have the right job, and if you are spending your time with the right people.

You will experience ups and downs. And you will soon feel way too old to be so completely confused. And it'll be ok not to have figured out everything.

It's ok to take your day-to-day life and hope that you are doing it right.

4. You don't have to deal with people who suck.

© pexels.com / Via Zach Damberger

Sometimes the people who suck win popularity contests - and the people who don't suck sit alone at lunch. It's ok to sit alone. And it's okay to be different. It's okay to have two good friends rather than walking around with a collection of people as accessories.

It's okay to do the things you like, even if they're not cool. It's okay to wear other clothes and dye your hair blue. It's ok to hear a band that no one else hears. I promise you that almost everyone who was cool in high school isn't cool in later life.

I promise you the nerd wins at the end of the movie.

5. Be nice to your parents.

© tumblr.unsplash.com / Via Caleb George Morris

I know your parents seem like monsters right now. And I know mom should really knock before she comes into your room. And trust me, I can't believe she threw out your favorite CD either. But be nice to your parents because they are all you have.

Be nice to your parents because you cannot understand all of the sacrifices they have made for you. Be nice because as you get older you will realize that a roof over your head and food on the table are not child's play. Be nice because they deserve it.

6. Your heart will heal.

© Ed Gregory / Via pexels.com

Your heart will be broken and it will hurt. You will fall in love in a way that completely fills you inside, and you will get hurt in a way that turns everything upside down. For a while it will hurt so much that with every breath you take, you can feel the air flowing through your internal injuries.

You will only remember the good times and you will forget the bad. Your selective memory will only remember the kisses in bright light and completely block out the arguments.

But then one day you won't think about it for a few minutes. Then no more for an hour. Then a whole day. And then a whole week.

And when you think about it, you may still feel the hurt inside. But I promise you they won't feel that big anymore.

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