Why are coffee tables so short

Which coffee table fits?

What do I have to consider when buying a coffee table?

The offer to Coffee tables is bigger than ever today - but the more difficult it seems to find the perfect table for the living room. After all, the new table should not only look chic and fit harmoniously into the living area, it should also be functional and offer enough storage space! So don't just let the look guide you when buying, but also consider the functionality of the living room table when making your purchase decision!

How high should a coffee table be?

Coffee tables have an average height of 45 - 50 cm. This value is based on the Seat height of surrounding upholstered furniture. However, if you also want to use your table for eating or working, you should select a correspondingly larger table height to enable comfortable sitting. In general, however, a living room table should not be higher than 60 cm.

If, on the other hand, you have a living room with lounge flair and the armchair and sofa are correspondingly low, you should also choose a correspondingly flat coffee table.

A mix of high seating furniture and a low table can create an exciting contrast in the design, but does not go well with every interior. When buying, make sure that the individual pieces of furniture harmonize with each other and that the new living room table can be harmoniously integrated into the overall picture.

How wide and how long should a coffee table be?

When it comes to table size, it is advisable to orientate yourself on the available space. In a small room, you shouldn't choose a coffee table that is too big, because it quickly looks bulky and makes the living room look crowded. A small table, on the other hand, can help loosen up the look. In the case of a particularly spacious living area, however, this can quickly disappear. It is better to configure a slightly larger model here. If you like something a bit more unusual and are looking for a special eye-catcher, you can also combine several cubes with upholstered cubes and thus have storage space and a comfortable footrest in one!

When configuring, you should keep in mind that you can also reach the living room table from all positions. When designing your coffee table, note that you should allow approx. 45 cm for walkways between the sofa and the coffee table.

Made-to-measure coffee tables can be individually adapted to your needs - both in terms of table height and width! Take advantage of our wide range and discover your new dream coffee table!

What should you watch out for in terms of shape and material?

Which table shape it should be ultimately depends on personal taste - rounded tables bring movement into the room and can loosen up the atmosphere, angular living room tables impress with a timeless design.

In order to maintain an atmospheric overall impression, it makes sense to use the shape and color of existing furniture as a guide when buying a new coffee table. A different style can certainly lead to exciting contrasts, but furniture with a very different look quickly looks out of place.

You should also keep this note in mind when choosing the material. Living room tables made of pure solid wood look inviting, underline the warm character of a room and create a natural atmosphere. The combination of sturdy solid wood and steel looks noble, if wood and textile are combined, an exciting interplay is created.

Here you get an overview of the types of solid wood and their properties.

Are there coffee tables with additional storage space?

Coffee tables with a clipboard or integrated drawers offer additional storage space for remote control, magazines or snacks and are the ideal solution for those who can never have enough storage space.

You can position the shelf of the living room table almost freely at masstisch.de, only a little play for the assembly has to be taken into account. The drawers of the table are embedded almost seamlessly in the frame and have a maximum width of 60 cm (internal dimension).

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