What is most satisfying as an adult

Please understand that we can only process referrals from your treating doctor.

The following documents must be submitted to us for an allocation:

  1. Concise summary of the symptoms as well as the comprehensive preliminary clarifications (including presentation at a university center) with a diagnosis list of the somatic and psychological diagnoses made to date as well as a list of previous diagnoses and treatments. Please do NOT send in any additional individual findings at first, but only a complete summary in which the individual clarifications are clearly presented. If necessary, we will ask for further documents at a later point in time.
  2. We can only become active for you if we have all the necessary documents (complete medical referral letter (see above) and
    Declaration of consent of the patient) in writing. These documents can be sent by email to: [email protected]
  3. Assignments that do not meet the above criteria cannot be considered due to the large number of inquiries.

Depending on the assessment of the documents made available to us, your doctor will receive a recommendation on how to proceed and any clarification steps; if necessary, we will also call you in person for a consultation.

Please note that from the time you register, costs arise that are generally covered by the statutory health insurance (minus the agreed deductible). In particular, we ask you to note that services are already being provided for you in your absence (usually time-consuming file study and discussions with pre-treatment specialists or other disciplines) before you may be examined by us yourself. This also applies in the event that, after a detailed study of the files, we come to the conclusion that a personal introduction during our consultation is not necessary or useful.

Due to the large number of inquiries, it can take several months for us to contact you. It is not necessary to contact us by telephone and this does not accelerate processing. We treat every request the same way and weight them internally according to urgency.