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New Superman film from Star Wars makers in the works: That was probably it for Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill couldn't have made it clearer that he wants to return for many more Superman films. This wish has now become significantly less likely.

Warner is apparently planning a new Superman movie, Deadline reports exclusively. The Hollywood Reporter has since confirmed the message.

New Superman movie from Star Wars makers: that's the information we're working with

  • The Superman movie is supposed to be a reboot act.
  • Star Wars architect J.J. Abrams produced the film.
  • As a screenwriter was Ta-Nehisi Coates involved.

New Superman reportedly a reboot: what does that mean for Henry Cavill?

First of all, nothing good. A reboot would be tantamount to restarting the story, including a replacement for Superman or Kal-El or Clark Kent.

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That would be a surprising decision. Cavill is popular with fans and has repeatedly emphasized his sacrifice for the role. Its popularity has risen steadily since its occupation. He is currently in front of the camera as Witcher for Netflix.

Return of Henry Cavill as Superman?

The commitment of Ta-Nehisi Coates makes it clear, however, that Warner wants to give his precious hero a fresh spin. Coates became known as a journalist and confidante of Barack Obama. He made a name for himself as an essayist and book author. And now it's getting really interesting he wrote comic books for Black Panther and Captain America.

New plans for Superman: also a new actor?

This is what Coates says about his assignment:

I look forward to making a meaningful contribution to the legacy of America's most iconic hero.

In Abram's statement, it becomes even clearer that Warner will cast and reinterpret Superman.

There is a new, powerful, and moving Superman story that has yet to be told. We couldn't be more excited to work with the brilliant Mr. Coates and help bring the story to the big screen. [...]

Coates and Abrams may grab the figure Calvin Ellis on. Ellis is an African American Superman. In a parallel universe on Earth-23 he is the Kryptonian President of the USA. This character, which has existed since 2009, would fit well with Coates' previous work as a writer.

Again, was that really it for Henry Cavill as Superman?

These are all still speculations, the plans are very foggy. What exactly Warner intends to do with the character is not certain. After years of chaos at DC, the studio is actually more concerned with continuity. With three Batman versions in the DCEU there would be at least 2 Superman actors possible at the same time.

There are no plot details anyway, nor any information about the cast. Just, that a Superman movie is coming for sure now. After all, the hero's last solo appearance was 8 years ago. Actually an absurdity.

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