Are Marvel Comics still being written

Marvel Comics

Spiderman and the heroes of the Marvel era

When 17-year-old Stanley Lieber started working as a copywriter for Marvel's predecessor Timely Comics in 1939, the crucial chapter in comic history had just been written elsewhere. Superman had made his debut a year earlier and has remained the main driving force behind the DC publishing house to this day. Timely countered with his patriotic Captain America, but the publisher's creations lacked the glamor to stand up to masked giants like Superman or Batman. Even the renaming to Marvel Comics in the early 1960s did little to change that. The young copywriter, who changed his name to Stan Lee, probably felt the same way, so that he could later write great literature under his own name. Because originally he had little to do with comics.

The Marvel wonder

When DC Comics and his superhero team finally put Marvel on the defensive at the newsstands in the 1960s, Lee, as editor-in-chief and first copywriter at Marvel, was faced with the unenviable task of finding a convincing answer. Together with the now legendary cartoonist Jack Kirby, he sent his own team of superheroes into the race in 1961: Die Fantastischen Vier. The apparently infinitely flexible Mr. Fantastic, the Invisible One, the Torch and the Thing defined the Marvel heroes' formula for success in their first issue. They were human and they had everyday problems. The style change was chosen deliberately, recalls Lee: ‘The torch was originally an android, I then rewrote it to be human. The idea was to make our heroes look more authentic by making them more realistic. "

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